Meet our supporters: Rachel and Brian Keyo

Rachel and Brian Keyo

When ArtsWorcester began accepting automated monthly donations a few years back, Rachel and Brian Keyo, who live in Worcester with their young teenagers, were the first household to start giving in that way. They wanted to find a sustainable way to be part of our work. “ArtsWorcester is doing great things for the city of Worcester,” says Rachel. “You connect us with the artists and provide access to the art-world in Worcester. You’re not only doing it for adults, you’re also connecting young adults in the community to their artists.”

Giving monthly works well for the Keyos, who also support the Worcester Public Library, the Greater Worcester Land Trust, WBUR, and the Regional Environmental Council on a monthly basis. “Because we’re on a budget, small incremental payments are always easier for us. At the end of the year, you have the donation we’d like to make in a lump sum, but, monthly, we can stay connected and provide the support we’d like. And because it’s automated, we don’t even have to think about it!”

Part of what keeps the Keyos involved is the enthusiasm they sense that ArtsWorcester brings to its work of advancing artists and bringing them together with audiences. “You can clearly see that it’s something the staff is passionate about, and that’s why it’s so easy for Brian and I to connect to ArtsWorcester.”

Click here to set up monthly donations of any size through PayPal, or call the office at 508-755-5142 if you’re interested in arranging automated bank-to-bank gifts. ArtsWorcester thanks the Keyos for being our monthly-donation pioneers, and for their years of support!