Art in the workspace inspires creativity, and engages employees, clients, and visitors.

Let us provide you with exhibitions curated specifically for your offices, lobby, or communal spaces.


Original artwork encourages close observation, increases understanding of diverse perspectives, and strengthens relationships--especially when it’s by artists in our own community.

With hybrid work increasingly a way of life, art in the workplace also helps companies enhance in-person experiences and connect employees to each other--while also demonstrating a meaningful commitment to this region, its artists, and the diverse communities invested in both.

ArtsWorcester is uniquely positioned to answer these needs. With over 500 artists, and deep knowledge of the region, our Art@Work services offer a diverse array of mediums, styles, and artist backgrounds, curated for each client. Companies hosting Art@Work exhibitions can be found across Central Massachusetts, and range from real estate developers to biotech companies and insurance firms. Clients include Akoya Biosciences, The Hanover Insurance Group, Mercantile Center, Unum, and the WinnCompanies.

Art@Work fees support regional artists directly, and contribute to our exhibitions and educational programs. Clients are recognized as corporate supporters of ArtsWorcester.

Artist members, learn more about how to add your artwork to the Art@Work Lookbook!


Explore examples of artwork for your space!


“For our Mercantile Center project, it was essential that our building represent a “new,” first-class office space downtown. Our first call was to ArtsWorcester. They provided the style we wanted to convey. The installations add class and beauty to our buildings, and demonstrate our knowledge of and commitment to the city.”
-- Chip Norton, Franklin Realty Advisors

“In the first few days of a new exhibition, we see people cluster in the hallways and common spaces, discussing each painting. It really feels like being in an art gallery or a wing of a museum! Installation isn’t disruptive to our workflow, and the artwork is noticed every day, both by our team members and visitors to our office.”
-- Geoff Welch, Akoya Biosciences

Whether you seek bright color for creative energy, or landscapes for tranquility, we work with you to identify the right artists for your goals and space, and curate your exhibitions for your needs.

A free initial consultation defines your goals and budget, and includes a walk-through to consider your wall surfaces, light, building traffic, and access.

For each exhibition, our team transports, installs, and labels each artwork at museum-quality standards.

Most installations require 1-2 business days, depending on the size of your space and any wall maintenance required. For every piece included, we provide the artist a stipend for their loan. This way, every artist participating is compensated for their work, regardless of sales.



Art@Work fees are based on the space you intend for artwork.

The number of artworks in an exhibition will vary. For example, a 15-foot wall could hold three very large artworks, or eight small works. We are guided by your preferences and goals.


A sketch of what you might expect:

/// A minimum budget of $5,000/year will secure 8-15 works, rotated annually

/// Medium budget of $10,000/year: 16-25 works, rotated annually

/// Large budget: $20,000/year: 25-45 works, rotated annually


While most clients opt for a loan of twelve months, 6 and 18 month loans are also possible.

If an employee or a visitor wishes to purchase an artwork, we either replace that artwork in your exhibition or leave it in its place until the next rotation. We manage all purchase inquiries and art sales in accordance with Massachusetts Fine Art Law.

Learn more about Art@Work or schedule a free consultation! Contact Allie Heimos at (508) 755-5142 or


/// Download a PDF about Art@Work.

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