Grant Details:

Material Needs Grants, funded by an anonymous donor, support the expenses of supplies and materials for the creation of new art in Worcester County. With this gift, ArtsWorcester is able to distribute grants to local artists between $500 and $1,500. Artists who receive a Material Needs Grant will exhibit their work in a group show at ArtsWorcester the following exhibition season.

All eligible proposals are reviewed by a committee of three individuals with experience in the arts. Proposals are considered for their novelty, innovation, potential impact (on the viewer, your career, and on other artists in the area), and feasibility (can you do it, and can you do it in one calendar year?).

The 2024 call for proposals has closed.


You must have been an artist member of ArtsWorcester for at least one calendar year prior to applying for a Material Needs Grant, and you must reside in Worcester County. We regret that members residing outside of Worcester County are not eligible.

If you have previously received a Material Needs Grant, you must wait three years from the previous application date before applying again.

If you are unsure of your eligibility, contact



Expenses Covered:

These grants are restricted to expenses for the supplies, materials, and equipment (purchased or rented) needed to make new art. Proposals for any and all kinds of visual art are welcome, including but not limited to painting, photography, fiber, ceramics, sculpture, video, and digital artwork.

Examples of expenses not covered would be studio rental, framing, publicity and promotional costs, insurance or transportation of artwork.



Frequently Asked Questions:


What kind of artwork can I make with a Material Needs Grant?

Anything! We have funded projects ranging from paintings to mechanical sculptures to puppets. Any and all visual art are welcome, as long as some element can be shown at thegallery in the group exhibition.


Can organizations apply for a Material Needs Grant?

No, this is an opportunity for ArtsWorcester artist members and is not intended for organizations.


Can I apply for a collaborative project with another artist?

Yes, but you both must meet all eligibility requirements, including ArtsWorcester membership and residency in Worcester County.

Only one application should be submitted, and it should speak to what you both plan to contribute to the process. If your application is selected by the committee, the artist who submitted the application will receive the check. You will be responsible for splitting the funds and keeping receipts as necessary.


If I receive a grant, will I receive the full amount that I apply for?

Grant recipients are not guaranteed to receive the full amount requested. You should plan for how to adapt your project if it is partially funded.


Why can’t I include framing in my budget?

This grant specifically funds the materials needed to create new artwork. While framing is part of how artwork is presented, it is beyond the intention and scope of these grants.

ArtsWorcester artist members receive discounts at CC Lowell on supplies and custom framing, and ArtsWorcester staff are available to talk about other framing options.


If I don’t receive a grant, can I get feedback?

Yes! Feedback is available for every eligible submission. You must reach out to for your feedback after notifications have gone out in late February, 2024.



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