Rebecca Duffy

Facebook: RedArtichokeStudio

Featured artist Rebecca Duffy discusses her background as an artist working in two dimensional media. She reveals her inspirations, creative process, and focus on capturing memories in her work. To learn more about Rebecca’s process, read our interview and view her work on her website.


When did art become a pursuit for you?

I have always sought out art as a means of expression, from school projects to the art electives at summer camp, and then I discovered art camps! I attended and eventually taught at art camps. I have been equally interested in pursuing my own art and teaching art.

Are you self-taught or formally educated in visual art?

I am a formally taught artist. I attended classes at the DeCordova’s school, and at MassArt as a teenager. I earned a BFA in Painting from the Pratt Institute and a Masters of Education from Lesley University.

How did you first become involved with ArtsWorcester?

I first became involved with ArtsWorcester a couple of years ago as I wanted a connection to my local art scene and love the opportunities to create work for specific shows. ArtsWorcester gives me that push I need to stay current in my art making process.

What medium do you currently work in, and how did you choose this medium?

I am primarily a 2D artist, I use soft graphite and acrylic paint mostly.

What is your creative process?

I work with the theme of memories in everything I do, in every medium and every style, so that all my work influences future work. I work pretty quickly on individual pieces, but they are all part of a much lengthier process.

How do you choose your subject matter? Are there themes that recur throughout your work?

I work with the concept of lasting memories. Whether it is a place, a person, or an experience, I try to capture just the core elements that really define the lasting impression.

What living artists are you inspired by?

I am inspired by William Kentridge. The way that he uses drawing and animation to tell his narratives, and to reveal his creative process, fascinates me.

Do you own any art by other artists?

I own an original Salvador Dali lithograph. The print was my grandfather’s, and I was always drawn to it as a child, but never knew it was an original Dali. While cleaning the house after my grandfather died, I was holding the piece and commented on how much I loved it. My aunt informed me of its status and I dropped it, smashing the frame! I was just so surprised! Even more surprisingly, my family still gifted it to me.

What other media or directions would you like to explore?

I love painting, printmaking, bookbinding, and collage work. Anything two dimensional is in my wheelhouse, but drawing and painting are my main passions.


Connemara IV, acrylic on paper, 24″ x 32″