Lisa Hayden

Featured artist Lisa Hayden talks about the importance of color in capturing a particular mood. Read our interview to learn more about this local artist’s inspirations, creative process, and more!


When did art become a pursuit for you?

I started painting when I was a teenager and have been creating ever since. I’ve studied a number of different forms of art, but abstract painting is a love that is always my true passion. In the Fall of 2015 I decided to make an official career as an artist and have been working every day since then, including in my sleep where I frequently find I have dreamed of painting a new piece.

How did you first become involved with ArtsWorcester?

I was taking a class at the Worcester Arts Museum and realized I should be more involved in what is available in Worcester. I tend to head to the Boston area by default, but I’ve lived in Northboro for 15 years and the Worcester area has a lot to offer. ArtsWorcester is a great resource and really adds to the art scene in Worcester.

What medium do you currently work in, and how did you choose this medium?

I work mainly in acrylics, but also in alcohol inks. I love the texture of acrylics and the ability to build layers. The inks have an amazing vibrancy to them, and I love the flow that also allows for some layering.

What is your creative process?

I love to capture a feel and mood of a place, especially in the intersection of nature and cities. I will mix “pretty” colors with a feel of cement or something man made. Color is often a starting point, and layering and building up, as well as expressive lines, are very important to me.

How do you choose your subject matter? Are there themes that recur throughout your work?

I am inspired by what is happening in the natural world during our dramatic New England season changes. A recurring theme in my work is always the ocean, which I love to capture in all its moods and differences, from Miami to Cape Cod. My work is generally abstract expressionist and I love expressing with color and texture and lines.

What other media or directions would you like to explore?

I’ve recently been working on larger pieces and I would like to continue to move in that direction.


A Pink Charade, acrylic on canvas, 30″ x 40″