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July 27 through August 27, 2023

Reception: Wednesday, July 26, 5:30-8:30 PM

The 11th Annual One is an annual artist favorite. All artist members were invited to exhibit the one artwork they most want to exhibit, regardless of medium or theme. $500 in prizes will be awarded by Stacey Parker, Gallery Director of The Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery and Professor of Visual and Performing Arts, Worcester State University. Prizes will be announced at the public reception on July 26.


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Stacey Parker is a Worcester based conceptual artist. She earned her BFA from Alfred University in 1996 and her MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology in 2005. Being a self-proclaimed “all media” artist, Parker lets her ideas dictate her materials, process and final art forms. Currently, her concepts focus on three different bodies of work; her Endangered Species series, the Illuminated Truth series, and her exploration and research into clay forms and glazing. Parker often works in processes that have small, repetitive actions, finding a rhythm in them that she can surrender to. She makes work that utilizes visual appeal to pull people in, connect with them, communicate with them and get them to ask questions and start conversations. She is currently a tenured professor of fine art at Worcester State University and is the Gallery Director of the Mary Cosgrove Dolphin Gallery. Her work has been exhibited throughout the New England area and is collected internationally.


Parker's selections will be announced at the public reception on July 26.



/// EXPLORE: The One

View works below. For sales inquiries, please contact the galleries at sue@artsworcester.org or call (508) 755-5142.


Lizzie Abelson, Jarvis


acrylic on paper, 22" x 30", 2023, $1,200


This work is part of an ongoing series of paintings all guided by a steady undercurrent of nostalgia, wanderlust, and escapism. While Jarvis is based loosely on an actual location, it floats closer to pure fiction. Studious attention has been paid to color, composition, surface texture, and mood.


Clare Asch, Round Dance #3


watercolor on paper, 22" x 22", 2020, $900


In her paintings, Clare Asch explores the interaction of chance and predetermined structures. Natural phenomena like gravity and its effect on the flow of water fascinate her. She also has a long-standing interest in mark making. This dialogue of chance, gesture and structure is the foundational basis of her art.


Doug Ashby, Untitled (Night Queen 1)


pen and ink, 13” x 19”, 2022, $1,600


When creating my work I often get lost in the dots. It becomes in many ways a meditative practice and I find myself falling down a rabbit hole where the overall image becomes lost. Then I consciously pull back and take time to reflect on whether I am moving the entirety in the right direction. The process is easy to get lost within and can be quite seductive. Therefore, it’s a balancing act between two worlds. One in which I consciously try to create work with meaning that challenges the viewers personal narrative, and one of simple personal pleasure.


Dylan Ayers-Moores, A Secondary Thought


oil on canvas, 16" x 20", 2023, $850


As I saw the deer struggling to make it to the other side of the road, face bloodied and legs mangled, I couldn't help but wonder at what its life of possible majesty was like before. I wondered at what hidden beauties I was never able to see since now all that was in front of me was a struggling mass with death clearly in view. As cars drove by with me parked on the side I thought about all the others just like her that are passed by daily, their true majesty hidden, only to be a secondary thought.


Brooke Bailey, Location Series: Two


acrylic paint on masonite, 16" x 19", 2023, Not For Sale


Influenced by image search code and personal data sets from social networking platforms, this painting provides a revealing look into the volume of data captured on the internet as well as how these statistics can be reclaimed into aesthetic representations of the self. The investigation of the synergy linking the artistic and digital fields opens a view into how data can influence the creative process and how information can be presented in a more humanized manner. This abstract portrait study also leaves the mind to wonder, can artificial data truly capture a cohesive and authentic image of an individual?


Scott Bakal, Humanity


acrylic, watercolor and ink, 10" x 15" (unframed), 17" x 22" (framed), 2019, Not For Sale


Amanda Baldi, English Plants


watercolor, 16.5" x 12", 2023, $135


Whilst living abroad for a bit this past year I found myself drawn to the plethora of wildflowers and plants growing in the London landscapes and paintings. This painting acts as an exploratory study and remembrance to my time spent in England.


Amanda Baldwin, Field Sketches


watercolor, ink, thread, and photoshop, 16" x 20", 2023, $260


Emma Ballachino, Killer Instinct

acrylic monoprint, 18" x 24", 2023, $279 (sold)




Denival Barreira, Itapirapua

acrylic on canvas, 24" x 24", 2019, Not For Sale

This painting by Denival is exhibited in his memory. Denival was a longtime member of ArtsWorcester before being diagnosed with stage four cancer in 2019. He valiantly and courageously battled cancer with the utmost humility and grace these last four years.

Itapirapuã is the name of the Brazilian municipality where Deni was born and grew up. The brilliantly Brazilian colors represent the forests, fields, and rivers that were integral to his childhood. Deni felt a brightness from Itapirapuã, and this was also the one thing that others felt from him: a shining light of brilliance and personality. The weaving shapes symbolize the interconnectedness of family, community, nature, and beauty that his humble and loving home brought him, and what he embraced.

ArtsWorcester was an organization and community that brought Deni confidence and connection as an artist. In lieu of flowers, Denival’s family requested donations be made in his honor to ArtsWorcester. Rest in peace my sweet Prince and favorite Artist.

-Andrew Knorr, Denival’s partner and husband of 23 years.


Ann Barrett, Self-Organization: Dynamics


watercolor on paper, 21" x 27", 2023, $800


Self-organization is the capacity of a system to make its own structure more complex. It includes the ability of organisms to form relationships, diversify, and evolve. It is such a common property of living systems that we are often blind to it. Self-organization creates new structures and new ways of doing things. It requires freedom and experimentation, and results in a certain amount of disorder. This capability of living entities is gaining public interest as science and culture evolve to better understand complex systems.


ST Barry, A Bouquet for the End of Time: Fog


oil on canvas, 24” x 24, 2023, Not For Sale


My paintings of surreal bouquets offer a reimagination of elemental entities, serving as a conduit to explore the concept of hope within a dystopian world. Through vibrant colors, dreamlike compositions, and the fusion of natural and fantastical elements, I aim to transport viewers to an otherworldly realm. By intertwining the familiar and the extraordinary, my art seeks to ignite a sense of optimism and possibility, encouraging viewers to contemplate the resilience of the human spirit and the enduring power of hope amidst chaos.


Lisa Barthelson, aii 19, art in isolation, family debris


family debris monoprint with mixed media: printed collage and thread on BFK Rives paper, with grommets, 22" x 23", 2021, $850


As I made art during the Covid 19 stay at home order and the restrictive period that followed, I focused on using family debris monoprint remnants to create small comforting hand held work. As the pandemic continued, my work grew: increasing in size, breaking out of the confines of the square form, a creative metaphor? aii 18, art in isolation, family debris is part of the transition to larger sized, irregular abstract 2D and 3D mixed media pieces. The journey moved my heart, eye and hand forward, ever appreciative of the liberation and hope art making embodies.


Anne Beinecke, The Swimmer


acrylic, pencil on watercolor paper, 18" x 24", 2021, Not For Sale


In The Swimmer, cerulean, turquoise, and ultramarine shards give way to saffron and purple biomorphs that float above the transition between the depths and heights. Skirting the boundary is the swimmer, balancing a life between ocean, debris and sky. The painting also suggests a pivot point for a world increasingly marked by the narrowing boundary between land and water, heat and life – and a dwindling temperate zone.


Eugenie Lewalski Berg, Bits of Memory


concrete, mokuhanga woodblock prints, graphite, India ink, 2.5" x 12" x 3”, 2023, $500


Bits of memories rise to the surface or slowing sink away. Each is differently shaped, each a different shade. Some are retrievable, some gone forever. This is cast as one piece with inclusions of geometric shaped pieces.


Ray Bernoff, Trash Painting #3


mixed media art waste (acrylic, PVA glue, paper, cardboard, rhinestones, Sculptamold, and CA glue tube) on canvas board, 4" x 6" x 2", 2020, $100


In my series "Trash Paintings," I only use materials left over from other art projects—unused acrylic paint lingering on the palette, sheets of half-dried glue from the morning after a papier-mâché session, snippets of cardboard picked off the floor. I assembled Trash Painting #3 from waste from a series of rhinestone-studded 'disco objects' I made early in the COVID-19 pandemic. Creating with waste emboldens me to explore textures and compositions I'm scared will be ugly. What's the worst that could happen? It's already trash.


Luiz Bicalho, Osman


archival inkjet print, 11" x 14", 2023, $350


Osman, 2023 is part of the ongoing Tranquility Haze Series. In my work, I explore the ways in which we can find moments of beauty and transcendence even in the midst of this surveillance state. I aim to create pieces that invite the viewer to contemplate the paradoxes of our modern world and to question the boundaries between the physical and the digital, the private and the public, the sacred and the profane. Our bodies and our souls are constantly being watched and monitored by unseen forces, and yet we allow vulnerability, while craving intimacy and connection with one another.


Carol Bloomfield, Sara Beth


acrylic, 18" x 24", 2023, Not For Sale



Thierry Borcy, Restoration

photography, black and white, double exposure, and paint, 20" x 27", 2019, $300


When I take (make) a photo, I want the person looking at it to be transported (almost like time travel) onto location. I wish the person (viewer) to be there (on-site) to smell the smells, to hear the sounds (or noises). The photo (story) unfolds before you (the spectator) or better with you (the actor) in a surreal moment. Your presence, your body, but more importantly your soul, but even more importantly your spirit (energy) is there. Photos tell stories, are stories. Your imagination creates them.


Jennifer Boudreau, Day and Night

acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36", 2023, Not For Sale


Our days and nights are simultaneously predictable and unpredictable. There are patterns and cycles to our time, the people in our lives, and our journeys. There are bumps and sadnesses we don’t, but seemingly should, expect. Yet, there is lightness in the dark and some of our brightest moments, gifts, and blessings can feel shadowed and muted. And each of us, at our core, is a bright and beautiful light. We mustn’t let the weathering of life, cloud our light, for it’s all a cycle, after all. There will be another day and night. Shine your light.


Michael Bourque, Silvi I


acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36", 2023, $2,200


My paintings emanate from the intersection of art and design. Geometry based, each painting involves a thought-provoking mixture of abstraction, repetition, and improvisation. Lines adhere to the rules of geometry: mathematically sensible angles, and shapes that work together perfectly. My use of color is layered and flashes of color are allowed to peek through the pattern to add the visual interest. Colors are made brighter by juxtaposition to unexpected colors and strong shapes are made stronger with the heavy application of paint. The effect is to invigorate the entire work, and to create rich surface textures.


Chelsea Bradway, A Woman's Work

@all_things_sparkley_photo; All things Sparkley Photography by Chelsea Bradway 

black and white photograph on fine art paper, 30" X 24", 2021, $572


As a child in the 70s, I had terrible haircuts from the Dorothy Hamel to Sun-In disasters and a whole decade of Madonna hairstyles. I never knew or understood the work that went into taking care of hair. When I began my Women's Empowerment shoot a friend wanted to show me how empowering it was to do both of her daughter's hair. I observed the intensity, skill, and patience that went into styling her daughter's hair. The rhythm and cadence were much like an unspoken dance between mother and daughter.


Lisa Bramhill, Hare Comes Spring

@lisabramhill; /Lisa-Bramhill-Art

mixed media - pencil, ink, acrylic, and oil paint, 24" x 36", 2021, $562


Through my artwork, I express my deep affection for the natural world, aiming to forge a connection between my perception of the external realm and the viewer. Nature's profound impact on my spirit fuels my creative process, resulting in drawings and paintings of plants, animals, and human faces. I employ diverse mediums, including oil paints, to convey various concepts and encourage contemplation of the surrounding environment.


Leslie Breault, 2023-2

acrylic on canvas, 34" x 34", 2023, $1,100



Aaron Brodeur, AM


acrylic, spray paint, canvas, cotton fabric, organza, marker, wood, 20.5" x 14" x 3", 2021, $125



Christine Brown, Kathryn

@fawnoverme; @christinebrownillustrates

pieced quilting cotton on stretched canvas, 36" x 36", 2023, Not For Sale


This piece is part of a series titled "Motherhood is Perennial," in which the artist explores the quilt as an object that provides comfort, similar to the ways a mother does. Saved and mended through generations, quilts transform as they age. As the artist notes, “They keep us warm and comfort us. Utilitarian and functional, they are often overlooked as objects with little value. Yet, throughout time, they are ever present, ever faithful.” Themes of regeneration, pruning, and consistent growth no matter the season are apparent in her vibrant designs, featuring floral motifs representing the mother figures in her life.


Lora Brueck, Charleytown

photography; collage, 15" x 20" (open) ; 15" x 15" (closed), 2023, Not For Sale


Charleytown is a folded book of photographs of a military WWII runway in Charlestown, RI. While the patterns on the ground show where planes took off and landed for training and military purposes, the reverse of the book is lined with paste paper, which is reminiscent of the nearby ocean.


BrujaTheVillain, The Fall


acrylic on canvas sheet, 20" x 16", 2022, $460


The Fall, part of the "transcendence collection" created by BrujaTheVillain beginning in 2019 is a declaration of being trapped in existence and non-existence. The expression of holding onto life while simultaneously resting in death.


Donald Bullens, Brumal Quartet

digital photograph, 16"x20", 2023, $200


This digital photograph was taken in January 2023. It was taken in the morning after an ice storm coated the trees and a fog created an otherworldly glow in the clouds.


Iphigenia Burg, Hazy Poppies


mixed media, 14" x 12", 2021, $395


It starts with doodling and working freestyle and eventually turns into a piece. I love mixed media, expressing myself as I play with collages and various mediums creating textures and beauty of colors and shapes. I love flowers and watch them obsessively and try to capture angles and colors and shades and lights that are just fitting and amazing to my eye. I like to concentrate on something delightful and beautiful from nature, not paid attention to the common eye. In this piece, Hazy Poppies, I combined my two passions together- mixed media and a natural beauty.


Matthew Burgos, Life is Chaos


mixed media on paper and board with clock parts, 17" x 3", 2023, $300 (sold)


As the name implies, life is chaos, and its all just bouncing from one situation to another. The only common thread is numbers. Whether dates, time, location, everything is numbers. Overwhelmed by numbers.


Joe Cantor, The Tinsmith


print on canvas, 18" x 30", 2022, $400


The Tinsmith is an exploration into the historical background of New England focusing on art and objects created by hand, with masterful skill and passion. This piece is part of my current artistic journey into creating "photo-realistic paintings." This process begins with me creating a standard photograph and then digitally painting over the image to create brush effects, highlights, shadows and other effects.


Kevin Carlson, Grainstack tribute to Claude Monet


acrylic paint on canvas, 20" x 24" (framed), 16" x 20" (unframed), 2023, $225


This painting is a tribute to Claude Monet.


Laura Carpenter, Pericardium


ceramic with metallic glaze, 24" x 20" x 20", 2023, $10,999


Pericardium is made from slicing blocks of clay into strips and then reassembling them to create a bandaged anatomical heart that is glazed in six layers of strong palladium chrome glaze. This heart is fully protected.


Maggie Casey, Washed Up

@withloveavid; /withloveavid

digital photography, 12" x 18", 2021, Not For Sale



Aldona Casey, Untitled

mixed media on masonite board, 14'' x 8'', 2023, Not For Sale


I wanted to explore "womanhood" and the portrayal of women in art. I don't have any answers, so I let the materials guide me, while I sanded, painted, collaged and tore.


Victoria K. Chapman, Being Peace

@weyakindesigns, /weyakindesigns

watercolors, gouache, ink, gel pen, and iridescent medium on watercolor paper, 9" x 9" (unframed), 2022, $700


Being Peace was created in honor of the spirit of mindfulness teacher and Buddhist monk, Thich Nhat Hanh, who passed away at the beginning of 2022. This piece was created with the essence of Thay's teachings in mind, being mindful of each stroke, and being present in the moment with the paint. The bird is the long-tailed sibia, a small bird native to Southeast Asia. Thich Nhat Hanh was originally from Vietnam, so a bird from that region was chosen to represent his spirit.


Brad Chapman Bleau, Proprietor of Yolk Island


acrylic, 15" x 30", 2023, $900


Evan Charney, Liftoff

wood engraving/woodcut, 13" x 16”, 2023, $175


This image is a combined wood engraving and woodcut, on Strathmore 300 printmaking paper. The woodcut background was printed first with two pressings for the sky and water. The bird image, carved on Corian, was then printed over the woodcut.


Pamela Chiasson, The Work of Your Hands


mixed media, 36" x 36", 2021, $1,500


Pamela Chiasson’s mixed media collage has a soul purpose. Her creative process is a very personal journey that opens her up and is guided as she walks through the process and gives her art a voice of love, acceptance and a sense of purpose with healing and restoration. Pamela is a self taught mixed media artist whose creativity was born out of trauma and through a need she learned to express her voice in healing her heart. This is what art can do; it can bring love, grace, and hope.


Migdalia Chico, Freedom

@M_chico; /Migdalia Chico 

oil, 16" x 20", 2022, Not For Sale


What now exists, already existed; and what is to exist, already exists! directed the look and the heart with frankness and the harmony of the hands with audacity!


Digi Chivetta, Atomic Space Princess


watercolor, alcohol ink, acrylic paint, and embroidery on paper with a frame of plaster and cowry shells, 15.5” x 13”, 2023, $500


This woman is an sort of an avatar of me. She floats through a universe of ninja stars acquiring knowledge and fighting for love.


Sam Cloutier, The Knight


pen on paper, vinyl on painted sheet metal, 24" x 24", 2022, $450


This is a drawing of an esoteric knight's helmet that has been scanned and cut into light reactive vinyl then placed onto a painted sheet metal panel.


Doreen Connors, Keeping Every Youth Safe & Protected


hand-knit nylon cord, cloth yarn, and wire; metal hanger; formed and knit wire objects; collected/found objects; steel clips, 36" x 26" x 7.5", 2023, $1,700


My artwork is dedicated to all child survivors around the globe. Each stitch is infused with the healing energy of unconditioned love.


Bréa Corcoran, Waiting


acrylic on cradled birch panel, 20" x 16", 2023, $400


Waiting belongs to a body of work portraying different spaces in my mind palace, although instead of memories they are each representative of an emotion or set of circumstances I struggle with. The subject sits in an indeterminate location for what might have been a long time, expecting a call from a phone which is not plugged in.


Christine Croteau, Baking With Type 1 Diabetes


mixed media found objects, 16” x 8” x 0.5”, 2023, $108


I’m a person living with Type 1 Diabetes. I’ve been battling with medical supply companies in order to obtain my diabetes supplies for the past 18 years. This year has been the worst. I figured I’d try to have some fun with the situation, so, while being on hold for countless hours, I created this piece. It speaks to the daily challenges of trying to balance food intake with insulin dosage, specifically, the beloved carbohydrate. It helps me to live with this very serious and often debilitating disease by being playful and light.


Jean Cummiskey, The Audience

mixed media mosaic, 16" x 13" (framed), 2019, $875


This work was inspired after attending a performance at the Hanover Theatre in Worcester. I was struck by the beauty of the theater and the diversity of the audience. It includes a mix of mosaic materials-- Italian smalti and millefiori glass, stained glass, and polymer clay for the heads.


W Brian Cunningham, Dialed Conviction


mixed - reclaimed wood, granite, birch bark, acrylic, colored pencil, pencil, 15" x 15" x 3.5", 2023, $900


This piece is one in a series of mostly black and white sculptural paintings. The undulating surfaces, textures, shine, natural materials and rough edges all work in harmony. It is an inward reflection of trying to find balance and peace. This started as a 2D drawing/painting that evolved as I worked with the materials.


James Curran, Weightless


digital image on archival matte paper, 20" x 20 ", 2022, $500


Weightless is one of a series in which the artist is seeking beauty using the tools of photography and digital drawing. All of the works in this series use a narrow color palette to emphasize their composition and structure. This piece is chosen from the series because the shadows create some added dimensionality.


Jennifer Davis Carey, Wonders of the Invisible World: Schistocerca Americana

vitreous enamel on copper and steel, 8" x 10” x .05”, 2022, $200 (sold)


Wonders of the Invisible World is a series of pieces exploring the beauty of fauna largely overlooked and increasingly threatened by our species unrelenting footprint on our shared planet. The series is rendered in vitreous enamel, an ancient art form in which finely ground glass is fused onto a metal substrate. Works created using this medium are permanent.


Molly Dee, Ausra

@mkdee95; /mollydee

spray foam, plaster, joint compound, acrylic paint, spray paint and polyurethane, 37.5" x 17" x 12" 2019, $2,000


In her work as a sculptor, Molly Dee seeks to share stories through the exploration of the human form. Dee's work is an abstraction of the female figure. She strives to capture the inner movement and expressive form of the figure. Then using a small layer of abstraction she is able to tell a story that allows all audiences to put themselves inside the figure. Rather than capture a body exactly as it appears - where we can distance ourselves through details that we know don’t belong - she invites everyone to participate in the narrative.


Jessica DeHaemer, Mountain Bloom

@LerayjessDesigns and Etsy

mixed fibers and recycled fabric, 24" x 21", 2023, $375


Using a mix of fibers and recycled fabrics, the artist hand weaves and knots highly textural and colorful tapestries inspired by landscapes and seascapes.


Trish Dehls, Orange

@dehlstrish /dehlstrish trishdehls.net

vitreous enamel, copper, steel ,wood, 15" x 36", 2022, $250


Trish Dehls is a metal/enamel artist with a home studio in Woodstock, Connecticut, and a shared enamel studio- Fire and Light- in Worcester Mass. She is inspired by the forms and textures found in nature. Trish is drawn to process especially when working with heat and color.


Lawrence DeJong, Wall Fragment #23: "Golden Crescent"

clay & mixed media, 8" x 0.5", 2023, $275


This is one in a series of sculptures entitled Wall Fragments, which reflect my interest in mountains, cliffs, rock formations, and architecture.


Ella Delyanis, Winter Windows

@elladelyanis; /elladelyanis

oil on canvas, 16" x 20" (unframed) 22" x 26" (framed), 2021, $1,800


I viewed this scene out of one of the windows in my house at dusk in the winter. I was intrigued by the beautiful light and color of the branches, thinking they formed windows to the greater world outdoors.


Clara Dennison, Where Seraphim Come to Rest

@clara.dennison, /PaperBirchArtStudio

acrylic on up-cycled canvas, 36” x 36”, 2023, $900 (sold)


This painting Where Seraphim Come to Rest was created on a used canvas that I have up-cycled. The textures that were on the canvas became the starting point for my painting. I began by rolling on paint, adding and subtracting color until shape and forms appear and the image came together. My work is based on natural places that I find personally significant and my interpretations of them, whether real or imagined.


Judith Desmarais, Primavera Reimagined (Boticelli inspired)


acrylic on wood, 20" x 10.5", 2023, Not For Sale


The idea for this came in Spring 2020. Inspired, of course, by Botticelli's Primavera, this piece is meant to serve as an x-ray of the figure's unique bone structure. The skeletal imagery helps to create a grim feel to the colorful liveliness surrounding it, turning a painting named after Spring into a more ominous time.


Robert Dewsnap, The American Way

pen & ink, 24" x 36", 2023, Not For Sale


This pen and ink drawing is based on recent events in America. While creating it, I left ten blanks on the drawing in case there were incidences while doing the drawing. I ran out of blank "tombstones" in the month creating the art piece.


Alice Dillon, Shrimpin


embroidery thread on cotton fabric, 4" diameter, 2023, $150 (sold)


Kelley Dillon, Flourish


acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20", 2022, $700


Flourish is an exploration of pattern and color. I experimented with abstract shapes and brush strokes to create a sense of joyful movement and balance within the chaos clashing of patterns.


Allan Dines, Face in the Clouds


abstract photography in glass with mirror backing and LED base, 24" x 8" x 22", 2019, $1,800


This piece is a combination of abstract photography, glass, mirror and LED. It took over 4 years to finally put all the pieces together. The base is custom made as well.


Kristi DiSalle, Heirloom

@kristileighcreations; @kristileighgillustration; /wonderandwhimsy

acrylic paint, 18" x 24", 2023, $325 (sold)


Many vegetable growers define heirlooms as "lines of plants, grown locally or regionally, that have been passed down through families or groups for generations." Heirlooms are not used in modern agriculture by large, industrial farms. Instead, they are grown by local, independent farmers, often utilizing organic practices. I grew the tomatoes in this painting in my backyard garden. Their range of colors is entirely natural; I only recreated it in paint. This is the first piece in a series I created to emphasize the importance of organically growing our own food and supporting local farmers.


Pamela Dorris DeJong, Cloud City

@pameladejong; /Pamela Dorris DeJong

encaustic, gold and copper leaf on braced birch panel, sides painted black, no frame, 12" x 12" x 1.5", 2022, Not For Sale


This painting was inspired by a book that I read last summer called Cuckoo Cloud Land authored by Anthony Doerr. One of the characters in the book describes a city in the clouds. This painting is how I imagined it: floating buildings in the clouds with the sun shining on them and a fresh breeze wafting through the windows. In order to gain entry to the city, one must answer a riddle: "He that knows all that Learning ever writ, knows only this." The answer is "Nothing." This is my version of a shining, shimmering city in the clouds.


Timothy Doyle, Main & Benefit


oil on canvas, 16" x 20", 2023, $250


The painting is one of my cityscapes inspired by wandering around the streets of places I live or visit. I tend to exclude cars and people because they are less permanent than the buildings and infrastructure that I depict. Plus, I alway feel that cars get in the way of a lot of things.


Wynne Dromey, Why Pickles?


acrylic painting on canvas, 18" x 24", 2023, $888


Despite my strong dislike for pickles, I started a pickle series to explore the reasons behind my choice of subject. As I witnessed the widespread excitement for the food, I studied their shapes, forms, and brands through the series, developing a newfound appreciation. Through painting them, I challenged personal preferences, highlighting the importance of venturing beyond comfort zones and reevaluating what we originally dislike. By doing so, I aim to inspire others to find enjoyment in unexpected places and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the transformative power of art and the overlooked beauty within things we do not always value.


Deborah Drummond, Taking Measures


acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24" x 1", 2020, $945


Sketching loosely from the imagination brings forward the conceptual fodder which are the beginnings of my art. Working in paint, collage and mixed media, my primary interest in my abstract art is to explore visual elements of color and shape creating a network of relationships.

Watching color relationships develop in a work is of endless fascination to me especially how the slightest change in hue or value can have an exhilarating affect creating calmness, coziness, contention or vibration.


Annie Dubois, Turning Point

textile, hand-stitched appliqué, 19" x 32", 2023, Not For Sale


When it isn’t purely decorative or functional, textile art often tells a story. The narrative has a beginning and an end. In Turning Point, the narrative is in progress. It pictures a moment in the story of people who came close enough to the edge that they had to uproot their families, leaving everything behind except for what they can wear and carry. They could be anyone, be anywhere. Life before stopped being viable, the now is precipitous, and what will be is built on hope.


Joseph Dunn, Nude Study

acrylic, 24" x 36", 2021, $650


Kingsley Duodo, Tiger

digital, 36" x 36", 2022, Not For Sale


Laurel Feinberg, Inadvertent Dragonfly

acrylic paint on paper, 19" x 25", 2021, $350


Dragonflies enchant me. This was an experiment in creating Rorschach art. A beloved art mentor thought I had “manipulated” it to look like a dragonfly, whereas it was just a lucky fluke of squeezing too much silver iridescent paint.


Susan Fisher, Current

stoneware clay with stains and aluminum wire, 24" x 30" x 3.5", 2023, $1,200


As a ceramic sculptor I am constantly pushing materials and forms and combining them in a variety of ways. I created this piece using a stoneware clay mask that was fired with stains and then three different gauges of aluminum wire were woven through the mask and sculpted. This piece allowed me to manipulate the human form in clay and wire. The wire flows from the mask and appears both controlled and unkempt simultaneously. The flexibility of the wire allowed me to sculpt this image. The wire emerges much like hair blowing in the wind.


Tom Fitzgerald, Dissolving Man


inkjet print, 6" x 10", 2023, $300


Coleen Fitzgerald, night sea


pigment print, mat, custom maple frame, 8" x 12", 2023, $1,000


Kerry Fitzgibbons, Solidarity


acrylic mix, 24”x 18” x 0.5”, 2023, $500


There is widespread anger and sadness in First Nations communities. Sisters, wives, mothers, and daughters are gone from their families without clear. For Native Americans, this adds one more layer of trauma upon existing wounds that cannot heal. Communities are pleading for justice. This work was done to bring awareness to this issue and show a standing in solidarity.


Alex Flaminio, “I tried to remember and all I kicked up was dust”

@Flymunny; @_.ajdesign._

acrylic paint on canvas, 24" x 36", 2023, Not For Sale



Dan Foran, Paradise at Mirror Lake


acrylic paint on canvas, 16” x 20”, 2018, $800


I am a pointillist/animation artist that works with acrylic paint on canvas. The themes in my artwork are seasonal landscapes and social justice. I hope my artworks brings a sense of community and caring about our environment, people, plants, and animals.


Melody Fortier, Over Time They Became Obsolete #2

archival print photograph in custom shadowbox assemblage; acrylic painted millinery flowers, mica shards and flakes, wax candles, millinery netting gold pleated paper, 24" x 18" x 2", 2023, $750


Much of my work expresses my relationship with the illusion of time and permanence and my spiritual connection to humanity. The garters in the photo were collected from old sewing boxes that I found in thrift stores. The persons who wore and saved them will be forever anonymous. To me these intimate treasures whisper of a life lived. My garter pieces are an homage to the evanescent nature of existence, both the bitter and the sweet. This work is second in a series of four.


Sharon Freed, Tim

digital photography, 16" x 20", 2022, $350



Judith Freeman Clark, Secluded Pond, Williamstown, Mass.


transparent watercolor on paper, 18.5" x 14.5", 2023, $350


Rambling through the Berkshires on a hot July afternoon, I came upon this half-hidden, reflective oasis –– a reminder of John Muir's words, "In every walk with nature one receives far more than he seeks.”


Laiza Fuhrmann, Leve (Weightless/Light in Portuguese)

oil on canvas, 24" x 36", 2020, $1,100



Suzanne Gainer, Woman Who Once Had Wings #3 (Diptych)


archival inkjet print, 10" x 19", 2023, $800


This piece is part of a larger series titled "Woman Who Once Had Wings." It speaks to sexual vulnerability, and the desire to break free of cultural and societal norms. Here, I have attached a large feather to a wall with Band-aid, and juxtaposed it with claw-like jet trails in the sky. In several images of the series, I use my own body as the subject. Like many women, I have experienced the joys and power of my body, but also harmful sexual advances, harassment, and abuse. This work represents a reckoning and a reinvention of the self.


Tim Gannon, No More Know Less


airbrush and acrylic on canvas, 36" x 30", 2023, $1,200



Pamela Gemme, CROWN

mixed media on canvas, 22” x 28”, 2023, $450


Pamela Gemme is an artist and poet from West Brookfield She is a member of the Massasoit Art Guild.


Francine Gintoff, Venere

acrylic paint on a found vintage mannequin, 26" x 18" x 10", 2021, $975


Birth of Venus, Botticelli, Flash Art, Tattoo Culture, Venere.


John Gintoff, Evidence of What is What

sculpture, 18" x 14" x 4", 2023, Not For Sale


What happens when I work 3 dimensionally?
What happens if I leave out the shoe?
What happens when the box is closed?
What happens when I’m not around anymore?
What is an adverb, a noun, a verb, an adjective, a preposition?
What is what?


Henry Glennon, Horlage Cabin Sketch 1



oil on canvas, 24" x 12", 2023, $1,200


An oil sketch of an idea for a cabin clad in gold-aluminum paneling and cedar shingle, an experiment in rendering postmodern architecture in oil, a medium usually not used in architectural rendering.


Gloria Goguen, Saucer Magnolia Life Cycle

@gloriajgoguen_art; /Gloria J Goguen Art

mixed media - acrylic and color pencil, 29”x 9”, 2023, $425


This work is inspired by the Japanese Kano School of painting, which began c. 15th Century. This form was favored by Samurai, Buddhist clergy and Shinto Shrines. Traditional themes in this style are images of nature or landscapes representational of Zen philosophies. The gold ground symbolizes energy, elegance, and power. I enjoy exploring new techniques to express my view of nature thereby extending traditional botanical practice and form. I have merged traditional botanical drawing in the color pencil medium with acrylic paint for the gold ground. Saucer Magnolia Life Cycle is my personal interpretation of the stylistic Kano School.


Katie Goldstone, Blue Caverns


mixed media on cradled board, 18” x 24”, 2023, $900


Blue Caverns is an imagined environmental space meant to place the viewer within layers of history. Similar to an excavation, adding and removing sections of the painting reveals the assembled archives of an experience, time, and a sense of being.


Emily Gowdey-Backus, Vot(h)er


linen (green and purple) and quilting cotton (background, binding), 26" x 33", 2023, Not For Sale


Symbolic of Suffragette signage, this protest flag is made of purple and green linen - the colors of the movement - and is constructed from fabrics that would have been easily accessible. It mimics the handmade, homemade banners held aloft by the women who marched a century and more ago.


Annaleah Gregoire, Loving Someone with Bipolar

@annaleah.moon.studios; /annaleah.moon.studios

carved pine slab, 24" x 24" x 1", 2020, $750


There is a powerful pull toward the strange. The strange compels me to explore and to expose people to ideas that might be uncomfortable. I find beauty in looking at the remnants of transformation–what is present yet invisible, what rots and how it transitions over time, and what evokes a visceral reaction. By exposing spots of trauma layer by layer, my practice illuminates the uncomfortable and honest pain of healing.



Laurie Guptill, Seated man


oil pastels, graphite on black board, 18" x 24", 2022, Not For Sale


Seated Man is from the Figure Drawing Class at the Worcester Art Museum, instructed by Tom Grady.


Khalil Guzman-Jerry, Have you been Caught ?


acrylic and ink on burlap cloth, 20" x 16", 2023, Not For Sale


Have you been Caught? depicts a boy wearing a beast mask, clutching a knife and a blanket. Surrounded by angry, beautiful, and colorful beasts, the boy symbolizes the delicate balance between vulnerability, power and the individual. The mask represents hidden instincts/conforming, while the beasts embody fear and desire. The knife signifies potential destruction, countered by the blanket's protective solace. This artwork invites viewers to explore the complexities of human nature, tribe, embracing vulnerability, confronting fears, and defense against chaos. Also, a reminder that within our darkest shadows lies the potential for self-discovery and transformation.


George Hancin, Old Northbridge Ranger Station


oil on board, 12" x 20", 2023, $544


Painted on site on a beautiful late spring day.


Sammi Hansen, Spectrum


acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24", 2023, $900


This piece features dozens of flowers made from acrylic paint. Each flower was hand-piped using cake decorating tools and left to dry, which typically takes 3-7 days. I wanted to make something that was simple, but impressive, and I think this piece is exactly that.


Garry Harley, SOLITUDE NO.8


archival pigment ink on paper (Hahnemuhle Photo Rag Metallic), 36" x 30", 2021, $750


Periods of rapid change force choices we were not expecting and can therefore, be very stressful. This series is devoted to my choice, during the COVID period, of choosing solitude as opportunity rather than isolation and doom. I choose a search for elegance and refinement of optical dynamic and not darkness, tension, anger, or despair. My choice of seeing this period as a period of solitude, a certain joie de vivre has been, in-part, expressed in this series, by using my interest in developing images with optical tension within the composition and the use of transparent and subtle colors.


Martha Hauston, Journey by flight

fiber sculpture, 33" x 35", 2023, $300


Formed from a deconstructed antique petticoat, vintage dress and dress pattern fragments with text, this fiber sculpture incorporates memory and metaphor to express complicated family dynamics and deep attachments. The constructed form of a bird rising in flight contains inner fragments of a poem written to process a difficult period, the aging and passing of my parents. It represents my memoir and journey


Lisa Hayden, Vibrant Geometry


acrylic on canvas, 24”x 24”, 2022, $1,300


For this abstract piece I wanted to use shapes, lines, and color to contemplate order and spontaneity, balance and disruption. The palette of blues and greens is taken from of my abstract landscapes and placed in a new modern setting.


Dena Hengst, Shohola Falls

@dena_hengst_art; website: denahengst.com

acrylic on canvas, 36" x 24", 2023, $1,680


My paintings invite viewers to enter a place where they can connect with their deepest thoughts and emotions. Shohola Falls has areas for profound contemplation, as well as spaces that evoke a potent sense of power and intensity.


Kate Graham Heyd, Maine Coast


oil on canvas, 24" x 24", 2020, Not For Sale


This piece is inspired by my visits to Maine shores. I love the craggy rocks, the big waves, the white foam. I try to capture the essence of what I experience. By offering the viewer a varied color palette I'm suggesting that a different way of seeing can be beautiful.


Casey Hickey, Stand Your Ground


wood block print, 11" x 14", 2022, $150 (sold)


The hypocrisy always gets me. The same groups of people who support a law which allows people to murder other people with guns if they *feel* that person *may* be a threat to them (stand your ground) tout a "right to life" when it comes to abortion. For me, childbirth was the closest I have ever been to death. Pregnancy is a credible threat (physical, existential, psychological, financial) to the lives of many people who are now left defenseless. I am heartbroken and furious.


Candace Imming, Channeling Guston in the 21st


acrylic on canvas, 2018, Not For Sale


Philip Guston created paintings portraying political entities that still exist today. I used his approach with a different take to portray the political scene of 2018 America from my perspective. A female, pink hat artist creates a portrait of a politician she strongly opposes, while she waits for justice to handle him and his minions.


Anyssa Irenne, Light


oil and acrylic paint on stretched canvas, 18" x 24”, 2020, $375


My main goal was to create a painting from a breathtaking image and to challenge my ability to over exaggerate texture with oil and acrylic paint. This painting represents a thousand trial-and-errors to master something beautiful.


Lynne Johnson, Unsung


polymer plate etchings, 16" x 24", 2023, $499


I have always enjoyed fields where any number of wild plants and grasses grow together. In this era of climate change and continuing "domestication" of such wild areas, there is little or no consideration of the natural things that are being destroyed.


Elijah Johnson, Lemons

acrylic on teabag, 6.5” x 8.5”, 2022, $200


When life gives you lemons… 


Timothy Johnson, Stack of Suns

photograph (archival inkjet print), 14" x 14" (unframed), 20" x 20" (framed), 2023, $450



C. M. Judge, Embrace II


metal photographic print, 18" x 24", 2022, $1,400


Embrace II is a meditation on moments of affection; the feeling of being united, of commingling, of coming together. The image changes as it reflects varying ambient light conditions moving from dark and moody to light and effervescent offering nuanced glimpses into its intimacy.


Barbara Kahn, Haze

acrylic, 29" x 34.5", 2022, $789


A contemplation of colors and haze to give a relaxing and dreamlike feel.


Honoka Kawakami, Trametes Versicolor


acrylic paint, foam, spray paint, cotton, canvas, 20" x 24", 2023, $650


"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." I started researching the wonders of nature from an artists perspective and found so many incredibly complex life forms that were organically beautiful. There's many parallels between our journey as humans, with the ups and downs we endure to become who we truly are, and the beauty and uniqueness of these natural formations. This perspective has been the driving factor to all of my work.


Patti Kelly, Barriers

@pbernhard7306; /Patti Kelly

acrylic mixed media with collage, 20" x 16", 2023, $450


Where is the truth in our expressive landscape, our hope within change, our deviation from the past? I layer with color and scratch: scrape, adding collage prepared papers. I flood the surface hosting my world and my imagination; embracing the threat of darkness, while letting brilliance streak in. Free the spirit of all things constraining; to challenge anew!


Jack Keough, Free Speech & Yard Sales


oil on canvas, 15.25" x 27.25", 2022, $1,400


This poor telephone pole has been working overtime for a very long time apparently, providing information with function for it's neighborhood.


Ryan Killoran, Dahlia I

analog photography, 12" x 18" (unframed), 18.5" x 24.5" (framed), 2022/2023, $300


This photograph of a dahlia peaking out from behind a film burn was taken in the gardens of New Salem Cider in New Salem, Massachusetts. I kept just a small section of the dahlia's unfurling ray florets in focus at let the rest of the frame fall off in a blur. I'm rather fond of shooting wide open, always chasing that soft dreaminess only a shallow depth of field can net. A color-shifting film rendered the yellow disk florets pink and diffusion filters softened the image further and embued it with a gentle glow.


Elizabeth Killoran Bowles, A Younger Self


oil on linen panel, 20" x 16", 2023, Not For Sale


As a young artist, I struggled with self image and the creation of a self-portrait. After returning to working in traditional oils about a year ago, I decided it was time I created a self-portrait. I came across a photograph taken of me around 1986 by artist Rose LeBeau. The image is one I treasure as documentation of a time and place in my life. That image was the reference for this painting. With the wisdom of age and experience, I view my younger self with more kindness and compassion. This painting celebrates that younger self. Thank you, Rose!


Patricia King, Birdsong

acrylic paint, fabric scraps, marker, 12" x 9", 2023, $60 (sold)


Five chirpy birds on a bright orange background will brighten your day!


Christopher King, American Hubcap


up-cycled textile rope woven on found plastic hubcap, 17” x 2.5”, 2023, $300


American Hubcap is an experiment in converting landfill-bound textile waste and “found on the side of the road” hubcaps that are not objects of interest by weaving multicolored rope between hubcap spokes. I draw a white star in a blue, then red field. The red rope appears in 13 lengths as in circle of stars representing the original states.

American Hubcap is a prototype created in preparation for the 2023 Art in the Park installation, Woven Hubcaps, at Elm Park in Worcester, MA.



Lydia Kinney, Titan


acrylic on canvas, 14" x 11", 2023, $300



Amy Klausmeyer, Until Tomorrow

collage, 11" x 14", 2023, $375



Mica Knapp, Syrians Crossing the Mediterranean

mixed media drawing, 31" x 31",  2019, $500


In 2018 and 2019, news photographs of boats over crowded with Syrians attempting to cross the Mediterranean took my breath away. I felt compelled to makes images of what I imagined their experience might be, perhaps one of desperation, grief and hope. A series of five resulted and this is one of them.


Roy Knight, March, Holden #3


oil on canvas, 21.25" x 29.25" x 2", 2023, $400


TS Eliot was wrong. March is the cruelest month with the tease of a warm day of sunshine followed by days of cold wind and snow blowing through naked trees.


Denise Lafer, Summit


acrylic, oil stick and graphite on canvas , 30”x 30”, 2023, $800


Nayana LaFond, Woman of the White Buffalo

acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36", 2022, Not For Sale



Terry Lamacchia, Through the Window

acrylic paint, oil paint stick, digital photograph on canvas, 20" x 20", 2023, $350


Being both a daydreamer and an insomniac, I often find myself gazing outside. I enjoy how the window frames the view and sets the scene for my thoughts. The photograph for this painting was taken on a cold January evening about two hours after sunset. It is the view from my bedroom window - a tangle of trees, fences and houses in our densely packed neighborhood. House lights pierce the darkness and the trees are towering silhouettes against the night sky. Despite the proximity of one house to the next, it always seems enchanted to me.


John LaPrade, When I First Saw You

watercolor, mixed media, 15" x 11", 2023, $1,200




Stevie Leigh, Garbage Bin


upcycled denim scraps, thread, seam binding and selvage, metal zippers, 30” x 29” x 6”, 2021, $999


Garbage Bin is created from denim that was otherwise destined for a landfill. The denim scraps used are from tailor shops and are the remnants of hemming jeans. When processing the scraps, I was left with the selvage, waste thread and excess fibers, which instead of throwing away, I used to embellish the sleeves and back patches. This created a unique textured textile. My aim is to show that what many people believe should be in a garbage bin can be used to create beautiful works of art and nothing needs to be wasted in the creation of fashion.


Bobby Lemieux, Artificial Symbiosis


acrylic, modeling paste, and acrylic ink on canvas, 18" x 24",2023, Not For Sale


Jennifer Levatino, Princess XI


human and synthetic hair, deer antlers, 8" x 3.5" x 13", 2023, $2,400


This series developed as I imagined a world in which cellular mutations happen on a large scale to tangible and recognizable organisms. These juxtapositions of hair and horns are made harmonious through intricate interweaving and placement- they come into being by living together. Taking cues from the hairstylists of Ancient Rome, braids are sewn, woven and wrapped around their animal appendages. Forms and gestures are informed by creatures who inhabit or infest habitats on land or at sea. These surrealistic configurations express aspects of symbiotic relationships and elevate the common elements that bind us.


Edward Lilley, Jagged Blue


deformed aluminum and acrylic paint, 10" x 10" x 4", 2023, $800


Order and chaos can create beauty, that is my approach. The randomness in both the deformation (scrunching) and the spraying of paint helps me to achieve my goal. The scrunched cells are in a sense regular but then each one is different. I avoid subjectivity and reference to anything outside of art. My abstract art functions on its own terms.


Madeleine Lord, Pedestrian Crossing


welded steel, 66" x 36" x 12", 2023, $4,494


The pedestrian crossing image on a street light or sign applies to all, ages, races, genders, abilities. We are all one when we cross the street, as it should be everywhere else.


Mark Lore, Landstract


oil on canvas, 30" x 30", 2022, $1,800


As a contemporary landscape painter, my work is a conscious/intuitive play of color and texture. My oil and acrylic works depict seasonal New England scenes with a bold, tactile, evocative, expressionist palette with a variety of tools and techniques, which blur and blend the lines of abstraction and realism. The crux of my work is a constant search for a balanced composition, between atmospheric perspective and the tactile surface.


Dana Lorway, Still Life in Green

oil on canvas, 11" x 14", 2023, $350



Dominik Lupo, Frustration


watercolor/ acrylic on stretched canvas, 5" x 7", 2023, $400


Frustration is part of a series on mental health, focusing specifically on depression. This piece encompasses the frustration of living with a brain constantly working against you, dragging you further down into despair.


Jenkins Macedo, Ocean Colors


acrylics on canvas, 24" x 24", 2023, $650


This 24" x 24" fluid art abstract painting brings together beautiful ocean colors using a combination of dirty cup in a ring pour. This piece was varnished with Liquitex High Gloss Professional Varnish to give it a glossy shine.


Natalie MacKnight, Hemlock Hollow


gouache on paper, 27" x 34.5", 2023, $1,950


It always feels like time is standing still in this quiet pocket of forest. It’s one of my favorite spots.


Nathan Manna, The Classical Education, or what really happened on the Grand Tour


photomontage, 24" x 36", 2023, $1,250


In E.M. Forster's Maurice, a university professor calls same-sex attraction the "unspeakable vice of the Greeks" and speaks disapprovingly of it. Yet, in the next breath, he was extolling the virtues of Ancient Greece. This piece puts the ideals of Classical education in focus with homoerotic desire. One cannot exist without the other. The classical form is traced from its earliest iterations to today, and eroticization is emphasized. Finally, the crucifix rising like a phallus from sculpture and the various Cardinals represent the simultaneous buy-in and dissonance of the Catholic Church. They likewise disavow the "unspeakable vice of the Greeks."


Caitlyn Marsh, Range of Wrath


stoneware, 28" x 10" x 4", 2023, $1,800


Extruded and assembled pieces of clay are a visual representation of indignation.


Sarah Mathews, Paddle Out


sculpture , 12" x 3" , 2023, $650


Paddle Out portrays the tradition of holding a "floating memorial" in the open ocean after the passing of a cherished loved one. Often seen in the surfing community, friends and family make the distance from shore and gather to form a unified circle in the water, whether on boards, kayaks or canoes. Leis of flowers are tossed on the ocean’s surface in remembrance. On a personal level, this piece resembles the floral lei used during the ceremony for Sarah's mother in Kihei, Hawai'i. In memory of Lori Mathews and all souls lost during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Vern McClish, Nancy and Cat


giclée print (archival inkjet), 20" x 24", 2023, $250


Vern McClish is a visual artist working in both documentary imagery and visual representations. Imagery of both beauty and meaning are his concentration. This image represents the bond between animals and humans, that in many cases is stronger than human bonds. This subject Nancy's most important being was her cat.


Mike McCool, Sea and Sand, Cape Cod


digital photograph on metallic paper, 23" x 17", 2022, $100


A mixture of textures illustrating the ephemeral nature of the Cape Cod coastline.


Michael McGrath, Oranges and a Small Blue Vase


oil on Linen, 18" x 22", 2022, $800


Oranges and Small Blue Vase was painted with grisaille underpainting and multiple glazes reflecting the bright morning sunshine coming through the hall windows highlighting the blue vase and there crystal fruit bowl. This painting is the first and featured painting of a still life series from July 22.


Melanie dai Medeiros, Marin Alto Tropicals


mixed media: handmade paper, acrylic, inks, and resin, 27" x 25" x 5", 2023, $1,000


Melanie dai Medeiros uses materials and processes that elaborate on the inconsistencies of memory both in the narrative of imagery and physicality of the material. This work explores the memory of her grandfather’s mildewy netted greenhouses on a mountainside in Patillas, Puerto Rico. The colors were bold and dulled green all at once swirling with the sounds of birds, tree frogs, and working family members in the background as she looked up at the tropical plants being readied for markets. As an unconventional papermaker, Medeiros uses layers, casts, and frames to reimagine two-dimensional mediums into the third dimension.


Parker Milgram, Chunky Chameleon


gouache and sumi ink over graphite, 8" x 5.5"(unframed) 11.5" x 9.5" (framed),  2023, $125


I created this piece as visual development work for my recent picture book featuring two chameleon characters. Whenever I start a new book, I test styles to see what best fits my concept. Through experiments with different mediums, I found that the loose sumi ink line over rough gouache gave life to my chameleon characters and reflected their playful back and forth dialogue. Chunky Chameleon was a stepping stone to the final illustrations in my picture book.


Julia Mongeon, Out For a Stroll


mixed media, 11" x 14", 2022, $450


Kait Moran, The Gate


acrylic on canvas, embellished with rhinestones, other natural materials, 18" x 24", 2022/2023, Not For Sale


In every life, there are dark periods where peace and happiness seem out of reach. Places where hope feels like a distant memory that may never have belonged to us. In this darkness, remember, the only constant is change. Our lives are meant to be lived by learning with compassion and grace. Don’t stop searching, there is always hope.


Ed Murphy, Sunset on the Dock

acrylic on canvas, 18" x 24", 2023, $125 (sold)


Calm and warmth after returning from a journey.


Kathy Murray, Going Green

/Kathy Murray

mixed media: trace monotype with collage, 12" x 12", 2023, $150


Lynn Nafey, A Little Birdie Told Me #5


pigment transfer print on Arches 88, 24" x 23", colored pencil, 2022, $875


At the heart of my mixed media and digital work is the eclectic layering of color, texture, and pattern. With an ever-growing collection of ink drawings, monotypes, photographed textures, and more, I begin each piece with a sense of discovery and a hankering for the unexpected. Taking cues from what emerges, I continually add and remove layers, often inserting bits of texture to create a sense of atmospheric movement, until the image breathes with its own intangible sense of magic and mystery.


Gretchen Neff Lambert, Man in Black with Striped Shirt and Red Shoes


acrylic on canvas, 24" x 36", 2023, $1,600


My process begins by combining imagery generated through online artificial intelligence tools and found imagery. I use that result as a starting place for painting and allow the physical qualities of the paint itself to dictate the end result.

This painting references the folkloric “men in black,” who are purported to visit witnesses of extraterrestrial events. These figures are often described as non-human entities trying to emulate humans. The mythology around these figures taps into something universal about the search for identity; we’re all trying to act like people are “supposed to”, and we often don’t get it quite right.


Vernita Nemec, It Was Just a Moment


collage, acrylic on paper, 15" x 18", 2019, $350


I have always loved collage and so I explore it in many ways- seeing forms in blobs of paint and scraps of images that I feel give enough clues for our minds to see it as if it were real. I suppose I am a conceptual artist, for this face is as if one glanced "for just a moment" but nevertheless recognized it as a familiar memory, not clearly so, though full of love and hopes for another encounter.


Eric Nichols, Drill Bits

archival inkjet print, 13" x 16", 2022, $250


The contents of my grandfather’s work bench, which had mostly been left untouched since his passing in 2000 were mostly old hand tools and the typical odds and ends found in any garage or junk drawer (screws, nails, hinges, bits of wire, light bulbs, etc.). These items were hastily gathered into the crates and stored away. This photo from the series "All of My Grandfather’s Tools" is a look at the intersection of value and personal attachment that humans imbue onto everyday objects. It is a look at the transformation of the junk drawer into sacred objects.


Christopher Nicholson, Folded Paper (3 Folds), No. 3


oil on board, 24" x 33", 2021, $1,600


This painting is part of a series. In making this work, I followed a process: folding pieces of paper according to rule (a certain number of folds); drawing the end result; and then turning that drawing into a painting. This is a painting of a sculpture.


Scott Niemi, Where the Birds Roam


acrylic on gallery-wrapped canvas (sides painted), 36" x 36", 2023, $650


Carrie Nixon, Worcester County Royalty #2: Charles K.


oil on Duralar/mylar with decorative papers, Ghanaian kente cloth, and brass grommets, 36” x 24”, 2023, $700


Charles modeled in person over several sessions, and he regaled us with stories about his life, his music, and his love for W. African Kente cloth. In this portrait I aimed to suggest the richness of Charles’ experiences, talents, and personality.


Barbara Nolan, October Afternoon (Shopping with Nicole)


oil on canvas, 24" x 24", 2020, $899


Inspired by an October afternoon sunset while shopping with my niece Nicole.


Luca Nova Webb, Untitled


mixed media collage consisting of vintage hand cut magazines, handmade paper, other recycled papers, acrylic paint, silver ink, 11" x 13", 2023, $555


In this provocative collage, the powerful imagery of vintage magazines and handmade paper converges with the themes of vindication and retribution. Amidst the chaotic backdrop of fire and lava, a striking feline figure emerges, adorned with silver tears that rain down from its face. The bold statement echoes with raw emotion and defiance. It challenges the conventional notions of inner child healing, by embracing and exploring the unhealed wounds while empowering the inner child to seek justice and recompense. This piece encapsulates a visceral yearning for empowerment, urging the inner child to rise up and demand redress for past grievances.


Diane Novetsky, Instant Karma


acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36", 2023, $3,500


My abstract paintings describe sinuous forms that radiate light through vibrant color harmonies. Serpentine shapes suggest the female form and an organic sensuality. The shapes become increasingly visceral as internal organs and joints such as the heart and pelvis are referenced. I’m interested in symmetry and its association with the iconic compositions found in sacred art. Symmetry balances the high energy of the color and the tumbling arabesque forms. The work departs from perfect symmetry as centralized forms uncoil and morph in space, and collage-like figures appear to tumble. This effect combines the earthy, sensual, and otherworldly.


Karen Nunley, I'll Fly Away


mixed media, 12" x 12", 2023, $335


I'll Fly Away is about digging deep and letting go. Many layers were assaulted, scraped and sanded before I was able to let go and put it out into the world.


Kat O'Connor, Sha-Zam!


acrylic on PVC panel, 11.5" x 21", 2023, $1,800


Jane O'Hara, Conundrum


acrylic on wood, 24" x 18", 2023, $2,500


The painting Conundrum spotlights a sheep precariously balancing on a ball in dark waters, while in the distance a truck speeds away uninterested or unaware. We don't know why or how she got into this predicament. The theme I explore here is of disparate realities. The painting can be looked at as either playful or ominous, literal or metaphoric. The ignored plight of a misplaced sheep conjures up uncomfortable thoughts of the circus. Is she there to entertain us...or should we be worried.


Emmanuel Opoku, Artist


oil on canvas, 24" x 18", 2022, $2,000


The painting explores the dialogue between art, artist, and the viewer. I am interested in the fact that an artist plays a significant social role between the art and the viewer. The silicon tube suggests diversity – a sense of gluing and embracing multiple elements of art, styles, and cultures.


Lisa Osmolowski, Beyond


mixed media on wood panel, 12" x 12", 2023, $135 (sold)


Beyond explores layers and textures created through various processes and materials. Spontaneous and unpredictable organic shapes emerged mimicking the wonder of the natural world. As in nature, what we see on the surface, in reality is much deeper and profound.


Richard Ovian, Taking Flight

acrylic, 20" x 20", 2023, $746


Wildlife has been an inspiration for people since the first people started painting on cave walls.


Ross Ozer, Log Cabin Odyssey

encaustic and rice paper on wood panel, 36”x 36”x 2.5”, 2023, $2,800


Ross Ozer is drawn to creating work that is kinetic and vibrant. His love of quilting, ethnographic forms, and tribal art inspires him to design his own unique geometric motifs. He’s fascinated with how varying the angles and intersections of patterns produces captivating compositions. Working in encaustic and skilled in graphic design and digital fabrication, Ross uses custom stamps, stencils, digital printing and traditional printmaking techniques to produce transformative art. Using a wax writing tool to apply each and every dot of pigment wax to his compositions, his unique pointillism approach results in rich textures that are reminiscent of woven fabric.


Brandon Paquin, Lateralus

dead fall mountain laurel, steel rod, copper pipes, steel plate, glue and tissue paper, 6’ x 22", 2023, $1,200 (sold)


Spiral out, detach and see what’s possible.


Melissa Parent, Forage On


mixed media on wood panel, 16" x 16", 2022, $325


Forage On references our instinctual knowledge and connection to nature, while also addressing our obliviousness and ignorance toward its reverence. This earth is massively powerful, we know this because we are one with it, its mapped in our bodies, we can feel it even though we may not always be aware. Humans get easily caught up in things we think are important, getting distracted by our problems and disagreements. Meanwhile we neglect to pay attention to the ground we stand on, the air we breathe and the sky above us even when it might be falling on our heads.


Kristin Parone, Picnicking with Peony


acrylic gouache on canvas, 11" x 14", 2023, $575


The still life Picknicking with Peony invites you to share in a moment of quite reflection, contemplation, conversation, and tea. It is an invitation to slow down and to reconnect with your senses.


Gedas Paskauskas, Beluga 2

dyes, ink and charcoal on aluminum composite board, 36" x 24", 2023, $2,200


Construction material is repurposed here and used as a substrate for a painting depicting a birthing whale. A somewhat formal composition, painted loosely, offers the viewer an opportunity to reflect on both the fragility of being and hope of renewal.


Stephen Paulson, Brief Encounter


stained glass, (Glass, Copper and Solder), 26” x 22” x 18", 2021, $680


In this piece I am trying to convey in shape and color how we each are changed after a chance meeting with another person.


Sophie Pearson, TOO SENSITIVE


oil on canvas, 36" x 36", 2022, $2,000


I remember the first time I was told with animosity that my tears were a weakness. It took me until adulthood to recognize that my sensitivity is a superpower. TOO SENSITIVE depicts what it felt like to be told as a child that I was feeling too much.


Alyssa Pelletier, Toni


colored pencil and acrylic on wood, 14” x 18”, 2023, Not For Sale


Toni is part of an ongoing series of portraits created on wood panels. Through layers of colored pencil, I represent each sitter faithfully, while indulging in the varied, rich colors I find in each face. The raw wood offers a more complex and tactile canvas for me to work from. I enjoy the way the natural surface emerges as a part of each subject’s complexion by creating undertones and highlights.


Deborah Perugi, Crop Circles


mixed media (cold wax and oil) on board, 24" x 24", 2023, $550


This piece is made with combining cold wax medium and oil paint, which is then spread onto a wood board in layers. The wax and oil create a thick texture while maintaining a translucency. This medium enables me to paint abstracted shapes and patterns, and allows the viewer to find their own meaning or feeling.


Anju Pillai, Solitude


acrylics on panel, 14”x 18”, 2023, $400


I love to capture human emotions in my portraits, making the portrait more than just a face frozen in the canvas staring back at the viewer. In this piece, I try to present the viewer with the beauty of solitude, being lost in one’s thoughts and finding comfort in oneself. I have never found a companion with whom I was as comfortable as my solitude. It's where I hide my secrets, bury my tears, and keep my happy memories. It is my safe place.


Luiza Printes dos Santos, Digital Moments Liquid Experiences - A Visual Immersion


video, 1920 x 1080 (video), 2023, Not For Sale


This video production is about immersing in the visual data of our forms of communication with digital media and mobile technology, and how this mediation can be impacting the way we are experiencing the world around us. It applied an interdisciplinary approach to analyzing the patterns of void and immersion in how we are using mobile cameras and social media nowadays. Exploring concepts around traditional intellectuals such as Zygmunt Bauman, Maurice Merleau-Ponty, and Roland Barthes, to contemporary media theorists, the goal is to encourage discourses around the subject contributing to the fields of digital humanities and media literacy.


Joseph Ray, Untitled

oil embellished charcoal on canvas, 32" x 22", 2023, $1,200


Danielle Ray, Layers


found metal, Queen Anne’s lace, 23" x 5" x 7.5", 2022, $594


Karen Reid, Three Paths


oil and wax on panel, 24" x 32", 2023, $1,500


The work I create hovers between abstraction and reality. My compositions are gestural, colorful explorations of memory and place. I am interested in the energy of a person, place or thing. Capturing that element is what inspires me to create a piece of work. I enjoy the questions and problem solving that comes with the improvisational process I work in. It’s a dance between me and the canvas and responding to what the painting is telling me to do. Playing with color, form and line changes the perspective and meaning of the work, which creates depth and curiosity.


Caitlin Reidy, Equine Kinship


photography, 27" x 15", 2023, $450


On Chincoteague Island in Virginia, wild ponies roam the coast in herds with their young. Many legends convey that the existence of these majestic creatures originated from Spanish shipwrecks that occurred off of the coast of Virginia more than 400 years ago. This capture exemplifies the spirit of these magnificent animals; the herd’s stallion, Legacy, shares a moment with Anne Bonny, the mother of his five-day-old foal. Legacy chooses to bond with Anne Bonny, while their baby stays close to her. This image captures the beauty of nature, the bond between animals, and the essence of family.


Anthony Reyes, Que tengas una vida buena


acrylic, and gold mica flakes, on glass mirror, 13" x 19", 2023, Not For Sale


I made this piece with the intentions of coming to terms with letting go of someone who was in my life for a while, specifically with how I found myself mimicking the little things he did once we diverged paths, things both good and bad. I wanted viewers to be able to see a part of myself in them in the same way I saw parts of him in me; to learn to pick up the pieces, put yourself together, and move on to better yourself, especially when left feeling broken, worthless, and unlovable from the pain you have endured.


Lorna Ritz, Mt. Norwottuck and Apple Trees, Holyoke Mountain Range, Amherst


Holbein oil crayon on 300 pound hot press paper, 15" X 22", 2019, $1,650


I set my easel overlooking one of the only east-west axis mountain ranges in this country. I rework each drawing, searching for specific light falling on the mountains that never repeats. I have drawn the Holyoke Mountains for 37 years and am still learning them. It is the search that gives the drawing its source of life. Everything in the drawing has equal importance; the tree is as important as the mountain behind it, the sky moving behind and foreground coming towards the viewer. Everything is democratically related, a conglomeration of spatial movements interrelated, needing each other to survive.


Michael Roberts, Spherical Decay

aluminum, stainless steel, acrylic, 22" x 14" x 14", 2023, $2,250


Meg Rogers Eldredge, Golden Hour 3


acrylic on cradled panel, 16" x 20" x 1.5", 2022, Not For Sale


This perfect new little human, ready to start out into the world, still living in the cocoon of his mother's strength. He is a complete being and I am but his example.


Ann Rosebrooks, Jean's Place

acrylic on canvas, 20" X 16", 2022, Not For Sale


This piece is inspired by the generosity of Jean's Place, painted from memory.


Jessica Sadlier, The Approach


mixed media - framed canvas panels with acrylic paint, acrylic mediums & laser printed tissue paper, 12.75" x 18.75", 2023, $350


Come Closer...let yourself be drawn in...traverse the portal...explore.


Pamella Saffer, Shadows


dyed and painted silk and cotton, 11" X 33", 2022-2023, $350


Maya— illusion, reality, belief.
Layers of seeing and believing.


Piya Samant, Golden Hour


oil on archival linen, 12" x 9", 2022, $500



Mari Saxon, Transitory Phase


photo on paper, 30" x 20", 2022, $350


The girl in the photograph is crossing a threshold- from childhood to adulthood, from school to university, from her family to an independent life, from her native country to a new, foreign country. This is the most significant transitional stage she has encountered in her young life. She still has one foot in childhood, unable to see all her possibilities and prospects, feeling scared, but she keeps moving forward. And as she goes, she grows, just like Alice in Lewis Carroll's story. And her horizons expand. The name of this girl is Alice.


Bailey Schiering, Everything All At Once

@bailey.schiering or @baileycreates5

mixed media on canvas, 19" x 15", 2023, $180


Minds racing a million miles a second, inner dialogues fighting to be heard and hands longing to create. It wasn't until someone close to me told me that my mind feels things so strongly in order to help me create powerful art pieces, that I felt at peace. Feeling everything all at once is an overwhelming and painful experience, but it has allowed me to create pieces that reflect my inner thoughts and feelings, something I wouldn't trade for the world.


Donalyn Schofield, Shroud for the 6th Extinction

mixed media dress: paper animals, shells, stars, ribbon, markers, 48" x 18", 2023, Not For Sale


We are currently living in the era of the 6th Mass Extinction event of planet earth. This era began 50,000 years ago, when modern man first left Africa. It has accelerated in the last 60 years, causing 20,000 species to die, the climate to warm, and the sea ice to melt. All caused by a single species, humans. This shroud is for an elite woman’s burial. It features species from all other extinctions beginning on the lower back of the shroud and ending at the top front showing well known species of our own time.


George Sermuksnis, Stormy Morning

digital photo, 13" x 16", 2023, $125


This was an unexpected photo opportunity. Sometimes you're just lucky with the view.


Richard Shilale, NATURE’S ALTAR 2

wood, 11”x 4”x 20”, 2020, $300


Nature's Altar 2 is a tribute to the beauty and ever-changing forms in nature.


Jack Sikes, Pt Judith to Long Island Run

oil on canvas, , 22" x 28", 2022 - 2023, $3,000


Ferry ride taken by my wife and I to attend a family wedding on Long Island. This was the row of boats in front of us.


Joe Sikes, Thelonious Lotus (Thelonious Monk 1917-1982)

acrylic on canvas, 36" x 36", 2023, Not For Sale


Thelonious Lotus is a tribute to the late, great jazz composer and pianist, Thelonious Monk. Monk was one of the trailblazers of the "Bebob" jazz music that originated in the early 1940's. Deemed by many as "too unorthodox", Thelonious struggled to gain the fame and notoriety that many of his contemporaries had received. Eventually, Monk did receive the notoriety he deserved for his music, but soon was plagued by bi-polar disorder. Thelonious eventually passed away at the age of 64 on February 17th, 1982. Thelonious Lotus is a painting of Thelonious Monk, finally at peace and achieving absolute happiness as a lotus flower, a symbol of peace and resilience.


Lyn Slade, On View


wet and needle felting, 21" x 21" x 3", 2022, $1,200


Wanting to work on something bright and playful, and having recently read Sy Montgomery's Soul Of An Octopus, this sweet girl is the result. It was a lengthy multi-step process, but enjoyable on every level. This piece jump-started my new series of underwater creatures to be exhibited at Creative Connections in Ashburnham Aug 19-Oct 21.


John Wesley Small, Soft Glow


oil on canvas, 20” x 24”, 2023, Not For Sale


Edwin Smith, Sixteen Beaches


digital composite photograph/pigment print on paper, 17.5" x 17.5", 2023/ 2022, $475


I have been creating a series of mandalas, combining photography and digital drawing. This work started as a beach sunset, photographed in winter. I used Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator in creating the final image.


Catherine Smith, Portrait of Jen: The Rocky Road to Enlightenment


stoneware, wood base, 16.5” x 15” x 8”, 2023, $1,600


Jen, who modeled for this portrait, is a practicing Buddhist. Her large earrings are indicative of a person who has not yet left the material world behind. Her disheveled hair, loosely based of the hairstyles of Buddhas and bodhisattvas, reflects the struggle to rise above worldly concerns and achieve Buddhahood.


Sharon Smith Viles, Spring Beauty in White

/Sharon Smith Viles

ink and watercolor on Chinese unsized green Shuen paper, wet-mounted on Rives printing paper, 16" x 14.5", 2023, $230


I am a lover of flowers and the single white peony is one of my favorites. This image is of a peony that belonged to a recently deceased friend and I painted it to celebrate her love of this flower. The Chinese bird and flower painting genre is one that I have worked in for a very long time. I am now an ancient being and continue to do what I love, cooking good food and painting in the Chinese style.


Raksha Soni, Before Sunrise

@brushandpaisley; /brushandpaisley

oil, 16" x 20", 2022, $895


I captured a beautiful sunrise at Plum Island. The freshness of the morning air, striking, bold, and glorious colors of sun and the clouds, the reflection of the light in the ocean - I feel Mother Nature is at her best during that time, giving a burst of positivity, hope and new beginnings. I would like to pass along the same message through this painting.


LeighAnn Soucy, “The Slow Passing of Time”


acrylic paint & acrylic paint marker on recycled/secondhand canvas (innocuous & inoffensive art used to decorate hotels, offices and reception areas), 35” x 25”, 2023, Not For Sale


Inspired, in part, by the Waxahatchee song “Lilacs” (“The lilacs drink the water / and the lilacs die / and the lilacs drink the water/ marking the slow, slow, slow passing of time”) this painting can be seen as a look through overlapping layers of natural processes, each at different stages of their cycle, passing slowly. This idea is further carried with the medium used: a thrifted, mass-produced piece of home decor, now further-still from a landfill.


Theresa Spadafora, Dumpster Zero-Dash

@tracyspadafora; /tracy.spadafora

oil & encaustic on braced wood panel, 18" x 24" x 1.5", 2023, $2,000


In this series called, “Left Behind”, I explore the concept of transformation and the passage of time through peeling paint, rusting metal, and other processes of corrosion and decay. I started to photograph, draw, and paint the surfaces of the dumpsters as a way of documenting the layers of wear, searching for a history within the marks. As I recreate the rich colors, textures, and marks on the surface of these containers, often including their identifying numbers, I feel that I am giving them visibility and permanence, as a record of the human footprint on our environment


Jeanette Staley, Love


collage, acrylic, watercolor, ink on board, 30" x 36", 2023, $2,600


In 1699 Maria Sibylla Merian traveled to Surname as a woman artist, entomologist and single mother. She was novel in her approach to documenting the life cycle of insects, birds and animals as she couched them within their natural world, documenting the life cycle of the plants as well. Although she was revered by the European scientific community of her time, her work sought after by the most ardent collectors, her documentation of the bird eating tarantula was not to be believed until it was confirmed over 100 years later by a male naturalist.


Patrick Steele, A Day At The Races


oil on canvas, 16” x 20”, 2023, $550


This painting developed as a way to practice laying down paint with a knife. I made exaggerated color shapes with borders, and then went about filling them in, keeping realism firmly at bay. So, fun for me, and hopefully engaging for the viewer. The polo player chasing the motorcyclist was really a fun oddball thing. Plus, this was a paint-over, so I had some things to cover, which affected the composition. As always, I’d recommend against beginning without an armature, but if you like challenges, then go ahead!


Karen Stokke, Just Right: For Peace, Love, Pride, and Captain Kirk

assemblage composed of vintage jewelry, fabric gloves, plastic trinkets, and artificial succulents on department store model hands, 11" x 15" x 6" , 2023, Not For Sale



Joanne Stowell, Coming and Going


oil on wood, 12" x 12", 2022, $800 (sold)


Regardless of the series, my work is all unified by one overarching theme–reality. I choose to embrace the chaos, the mundane, the less-than-picturesque. I attempt to capture struggles of being a mother and a human being, as well as the quiet moments that often go unappreciated. Every piece tells a story. My work is never glamorized. Often my work is not meant to be pretty as reality is not always pretty. Some may say much of my work appears dark, but to those I must respond that, just as with life, a sense of humor is often required.


Jill Strait, Cherry Guitar & Tambourine


oil enamel on canvas, 12” x 24”, 2023, $525


This painting is about a childhood love of music & instruments, and vintage patterns.


Jacob Strock, Abominable Amalgamation 003: I Got the News

@jacobsalad_ and @cobweb_st

collage, ink, charcoal, found object, paint scrap, and fire on mixed-media paper mounted on brown matboard, 11" x 14" (unframed), 13" x 16" (framed), 2023, $150


The purpose of the Abominable Amalgamation series is to have an escape in my art space. While I have been a collage artist, painter, and drawer before beginning, this series allows me to let go of what I thought I knew about my past work, process, and expectations for myself. I was able to start completely fresh, without any abandon, by just all-but-throwing my materials at the canvas. And that was exactly what I needed in my creative work - some escapism and something new, to teach and remind me of my instincts while getting a message across in the work.


Suzanne Stumpf, Nomads

@suzannestumpf; /Suzanne Stumpf

sculpture (porcelain), 1.25" x 18" x 17", 2018, $850


Interactive sculpture. Inspired by the fragility and mysteries of nature. The three components also rattle.


Richard Suls, who doesn't love a tree?

pen, white ink, on black paper, archival quality, 8" x 8", 2023, $250


This guy likes trees, nature, pen and ink and technology (where used to benefit humankind).


Susan Swinand, Feel (Black Sun)

@sswinand; /Susan McBriarty Swinand

mixed media collage; xerox, acrylic on paper on wood, 12" x 12", 2021, $700


This piece is from a series of collages I did using Xeroxes of my hands to express various ideas: Feel, Reach, Touch, Fly, etc. I tried to utilize the tactile qualities of my materials to enforce the experience of the idea. The mounted paper is sealed with a UV-filtering varnish.


Jaimee Taborda, Interconnected

encaustic, cyanotype, wire, pins, 10" x 8", 2020, $500



Pamela Tarbell, In the Garden #1


oil on canvas, 30" x 20", 2019, $1,900


Since I was very young I enjoyed being in the garden getting dirty, and enjoying all the color variations that came later.


Pamela Taylor, Drottningholm Palace

oil on panel, 9" x 12", 2023, Not For Sale


Cathy Taylor, Against All Odds

@cathy_weaver_taylor; /Cathy Taylor

photography, 16" x16", 2022, $300


Women are doing handstands keeping it all together with work and family.
This is part of a series of five exploring women today with hope for the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment) to pass.


Derrick Te Paske, SEX POT XV


woodburned black cherry with inset cherry burl, 14" x 18", 2023, $3750


This piece is the latest in a long series of tongue-in-cheek named vessels, begun almost 20 years ago. Here, and more generally, my work explores the porous margins of ‘meaning’ and ‘being.’ Some pieces simply ‘are what they are.’ Others suggest a narrative or invite dialogue with viewers. I have long been interested in classical forms, the ancient, the so-called primitive, and the strange.


Trevor Toney, Laid-Back


baltic birch plywood, ash veneer, shellac, acrylic paint, 12" x 10" x 3", 2022, $800


My objects are all constructed with Baltic birch plywood and veneered with wood. I do this in a way that allows me to add acrylic color and finishes to create different sheens, opacities and compositions that interact with the natural color and grain of the veneer. I view the wood as a main character and not just a surface for supporting other materials. I use the grain pattern and color to inform the compositions and think of my pieces as a collaboration between the natural qualities of the wood and my artistic expression.


AmberRose Tortorelli, Self-Portrait (From the Series 'Drunk in a Toy Store and Out of Tampons with Aarne, Thompson, and Kurt Cobain)


mixed-media sculpture-mannequin, broken music equipment, paint, glitter, fairy tales, chaos, 33" x 82", 2023, $989


Creating self-portraits offers artists valuable opportunities for introspection. Who we are is a very important part of what we have to say and how we say it. I consider this form of self-examination to be a critical part of my growth as an artist. Through the creation of various self-portraits I have been able to explore style and medium as I attempt to animate emotionally charged inner truths.


Simon Tozer, Simon: Wrote in Scotland

illuminated laser-plate book, MDF plates, 2019, Not For Sale


Richard Tranfaglia, Zakim 2

photography / archival inkjet print, 18" x 24", 2022, $255 (sold)



Bella Trees, Fireflies in Flight, at the Day and Night


glow in the dark fluorescent acrylic on canvas, 14" × 11", 2023, Not For Sale


My Anaglyph painting will give you a 3D experience with Color perception creating a relaxing mediational state if mind for all ages! It's achieved by means of encoding each eyes image using filters of different colors. Anachrome glasses contain two different filtered colored images one for each eye when viewed you will see the fireflies flight in the day and night.


Gabriella Trznadel, Ashley Reservoir


charcoal on paper, 14" x 11”, 2023, $75 (sold)


Created from a picture at Ashley Reservoir in Holyoke, MA, this drawing explores the abstract shapes in the sky and their relationship to the water. While the reflections are not identical, they are informed by each other and their surroundings. The shapes are turbulent and ominous but provide a strange sense of comfort and peace, examining how both feelings can coexist.


Rebecca McGee Tuck, Giacometti's Hat


thrifted top hat, found and collected costume jewelry, wood, vintage fur, string, ribbon, reed, 31" x 11" x 16", 2021, $1,500


Why is a bejeweled top hat named for one of the most important sculptors of the 20th century? According to legend, Giacometti’s brother Diego would stop the artist from compulsively carving sculpture so thin that it would snap. As I added multiple layers of jewelry, I kept thinking about my tendency for maximalism. This top hat was made with every piece of costume jewelry that I collected over the years. It was satisfying to begin an unconventional collaboration between myself and my compulsion to collect, giving a “hat tip” to the Giacometti brothers for their influence into this artistic journey.


Caitlin Tupper, Skewed


acrylic and wax, 12" x 12", 2023, $175


Skewed is a piece that came to me when I was out for a walk one day. My goal was to create a dynamic visual that explored a subtle surrealism. What happens when a skewed perspective bleeds into reality?


Tyler Vance, Specimen S-191


oil on panel, 25.5” x 16.5”, 2022, $1,950


Lisa Vargas, ParaisoMiPais

three-paneled folding screen, canvas and acrylic, 60" x 42", 2023, $850


nayari veras, Cover me in sunshine

@Nv_Creative_arts; / NV Creations

acrylic on canvas, 16" x 20", 2023, $800


This beautiful painting is crafted with acrylic paint on canvas and features a mother and child in the rain, both carrying umbrellas. The vibrant colors used such as gold, bright red, Mars Black, hues of blues, yellow, and white create a striking contrast against the stormy background. The combination of these colors is sure to bring a warm and cheerful atmosphere. Let this painting of a mother and child in the rain cover you in sunshine.


Steve Wage, Abstract Organic Series: Orthogonal Juxtaposition III

stevewage.com; / SteveWageArt

acrylic and Interference Pigments on Canvas, 36" x 16", 2022, $2,400


In this series, I explore abstract organic forms through multiple dimensions. This piece was inspired by feelings and mystical reflections engendered by the works of David Bohm. Bohm believed that the universe is constantly in a state of flux expressing wholeness through “implicate” and “explicate” order at the microcosmic and macrocosmic level. He theorized that the brain, thus consciousness, works according to the mathematics of quantum effects- that thought is distributed and non-localized, just as quantum entities are. I approach this manifestation through highly layered, reflective, forms emerging and changing with the light absorbed and the light reflected.


Francis Warner, Old Woman Screaming

egg tempera on panel, 13.5" x 16.5", 2019, $725


I drove by this old apple tree for years as I watched it struggle against the bittersweet that pulled at its branches. I thought, as it died, how wonderful its life must have been when it bore fruit. It had to be documented. It is now gone. Cut down, its wood collected, and the area cleared. Vanitas.


Jill Watts, Cutting Remarks

/ Jill Watts

glass, plastic, wood, collage, glue, polyurethane, brass nails, wire, 12" x 24" x 14", 2022, $1,400


Cutting remarks damage not only those to whom they are directed but also the person making them. A friend recently posted a statement, "Be kinder than you wish to be." May we all live by recalling this thought.


Brenda Yates, Tense


acrylic, pastel, collage, graphite on paper, 10" x 12", 2023, $250


Emotions on paper. Tense, my heart beating too fast, I could not calm myself. Emotions in acrylic, collage, graphite and pastel.


Susan Zendzian, Christmas on Hanna Road

acrylic, 24" x 36", 2020, Not For Sale


A tribute to forty-two years: children, pets, siblings, food, drink, music, and merriment; new people, old people, good times, sad times. This was a constant through years of inevitable change, gains and losses, happiness and tears.


Mark Zieff, Bullmouth Conch


colored pencil on watercolor wash, 24" x 18", 2022, $1,800


I’ve always been interested in objects – the well-used, worn and imperfect. I use my artwork as a way to explore the relationships between object and user. I see this as a way to bring importance and recognition to objects that have played an important role in our lives but are undervalued and would otherwise be forgotten, overlooked, or discarded. Most recently I’ve begun to focus on objects in peoples collections. Collecting is a basic human instinct and I am fascinated as why people choose to collect specific objects.

For sales inquiries, please contact the galleries at sue@artsworcester.org or call (508) 755-5142.