James Dye

drawing, printmaking

James Dye was raised by an anthropomorphic family of wild boars in a secret military test bunker beneath the waters of Lake Wachusett.  He was told he would grow up to be president and one day lead the human exodus to Mars, where he would conquer the native rock men and begin a new age of human enlightenment. Instead, he went to art school.

After graduating from the Art Institute of Boston with a concentration in fine art and printmaking, he returned to Worcester and focused his energy into creating meticulous ink drawings using a nib pen and brush.  His work draws from mythological and literary sources with deep roots in surrealism.

Due to an admittedly hasty deal with Hel (queen of the Norse underworld), brokered over single malt scotch on a park bench in Mission Hill, James is unable to stop making art without dire consequences to his body and mind; specifically, lewd hallucinations and the growth of superfluous appendages.  Therefore, he must spend every free moment hunched over his studio desk, battling his curse with dots and hash marks, until death takes him at last or a brave soul finds the key to release him from his endless toil.