Fran Warner

drawing, painting

My art is often a reflection of everyday life incorporating a diversity of themes and using a variety of different mediums such as: oils, watercolor, acrylic, pen and ink, graphite and other dry media. My work can be whimsical or fantastic as well as purely representational where my focus is on capturing a fleeting, often very personal, moment in time. Many natural landscapes are being transformed by development and urban expansion and the natural beauty is lost forever. My passion for the outdoors compels me to try to capture the details of texture, light, color, mood and atmosphere in the areas of which I have become familiar. Some of my works may be a comment or reflection on some theological, philosophical or contemporary sociological subject. The transient nature of life and the deep emotional and intellectual areas of discovery offer numerous opportunities for artistic expression. I avoid extreme influences from other artists and believe that an artist’s work should try to remain as pure as possible to their own intuitions and creative impulses. All of my work has been created with a concern for individuality and any resemblance to other artists is purely coincidental.