Katie Voyt

mixed media, painting

Katie Voyt is a contemporary mixed media abstract artist based in Cape Cod, MA. 

She creates abstract paintings evoking personal experiences and impressions. In her paintings she researches the nature and relationships using organic shapes, transparency, layered washes and a variety of textures and materials (acrylics, oil pastels, graphite and markers on canvas).

Katie is going away from the rectangular shape of the traditional painting and historical reference to a window, which would place the viewer looking outside into the world. She wants the viewer to be centered on what is important to them and to look inside themselves. Katie lets her observations, thoughts and memories be unique in shape (literally and metaphorically), thus initiating a dialogue with the viewer and the architectural space. Also, organic shapes bring to mind the concept of nature, which is the most consistent inspiration in Katie’s art. 

Katie’s art is in private collections in Russia and the USA.