Diane Vankevich


Art therapy combines imagery and meaning to create the ultimate expression of self.  As an oil painter with over 10 years of experience applying paint on canvas, I channel my emotional energy through the application of oil paint and chalk pastels.  My preferred medium for this series is oil paint because it allows for a fluid expression of feelings.  I focus on the creative process and the therapeutic component to the creation of art.

Color interaction and their relationship on the canvas is a prominent theme for my oil paintings. Through the experimentation of various techniques with textured brushstrokes and the palette knife, I fill every inch of the canvas with pure expression of color.  My artwork is unique because the colors melt into each other on the canvas creating unique form with each brushstroke.  Every mark on the paintings has a significant meaning.  The artwork itself ultimately speaks to the viewers in a deep way.

Ultimately, I am motivated to create art because I strive to break the mold of fine art and demonstrate what it means to truly create therapeutic art. The motivation my work is rooted in the exploration of myself as an artist and to experiment with paint on canvas.  I am internally motivated to spread social, political and educational messages through art to inspire other artists to paint and inspire non-artists in a personal way.

Through the creation of art, the artist describes the experience of being an American woman creating art in a modern world. The artist must not only put time and energy into their work, but also put themselves and their ideals in it.