Terrasa Ulm

digital art, painting

Ulm, as artist-psychopomp, works in interactive narrative, algorithms, circuits and mixed reality to usher participants through the virtual veil. The pieces offer chimerical worlds which combine the tangible and digital, inviting participants to co-author unique storytelling experiences through playful exploration. Simultaneously, on a more deliberate level, Ulm investigates the use of intelligent avatars to promote immersion, flirt with the uncanny valley, and question our notion of otherness.

As a computer science major at Smith College, Ulm began developing her first electronic experiences, and upon completing graduate studies in interactive programming at Parsons, she helped launch one of the first undergraduate degrees in game development. She received her MFA from Lesley University, is a Professor of Game Programming at Becker College, and maintains her studio at a community maker-space. Her most recent art centers on interactive, fictive, live-action levels.