Rebecca McGee Tuck

sculpture, fiber arts, mixed media

Rebecca McGee Tuck Artist and Collector of Lost Things. I am an artist and a collector of objects. I weld, coil and weave together debris that I have discovered and now cherish. The mysterious cast aside objects that I gather are like time capsules that hold unknown histories. The moment that I find a rusted metal rake, a washed-ashore fishing rope or a hidden letter or photograph, I wonder about its origin and journey. The seashore is an important collecting ground for me right now. In my life the ocean has caused great heartbreak and loss and it alternately has given me hope and tremendously nostalgic fond memories. When I discover debris at the wrack line of the sea, I am excited by the ancestry of the objects. I become their raconteur. I create sculptural collage by fabricating structures and stories and weave them together into a three dimensional narrative.