AmberRose Tortorelli

painting, mixed media

Constantly risking absurdity, as American poet Lawrence Ferlinghetti put it, is a great way to sum up the Clown Princess of Worcester. With backgrounds in writing, poetry, directing theatre, music, and the visual arts this jester is a far cry from a one trick pony. As an artist I use many mediums and methods of creative expression to explore human existence through narrative. My intentions are to create art that focuses on truth rather what is perceived as conventionally beautiful. I strive to make visually and conceptually challenging socially conscious art. My nature challenges convention. I set it on fire, hex it, drag it through the mud, defenestrate it, and cut off its head. Every piece is its own deeply focused study, bringing together aspects of alchemy, anthropology and psychology. Through my art lessons featured via online platforms, I teach freedom of creative expression as well as exploring the history and philosophy of art, color theory and human perception. Three things that are most important to me is to use my knowledge and skill to educate the masses, bring art to my community, and challenge the notion that art is a privilege reserved for and controlled by the elite.