Teranie Terado

photography, painting

It all started with the phrase women empowerment. Teranie Tirado, a Latina born in Puerto Rico, who loves to use art as therapy and self-expression. She obtained a Bachelors Degree in Psychology from Worcester State University. The primary focus of her work is to connect to women of various cultures and empower them, as well as show the world the beauty of women and cultures. Teranie has been a painter since the late 80s when she was a toddler in PR and her mother introduced her to pottery. After years of contemplation, In 2014, she launched her photography business and has since photographed hundreds of people throughout New England. In addition, was published in Bride & Groom magazine for her work in Puerto Rico. In 2018 she launched the Women Empowerment movement in Worcester via a series of Live social media videos where she showcased empowering women from the Worcester Community. In 2019 she started the Women Empowerment art collection using acrylic paint and digital photography as a means to remind women they are powerful, strong, and beautiful regardless of the challenges they face physically, mentally and in their environment.