Cathy Taylor

mixed media, photography, works on paper

For Cathy Weaver Taylor there is no drawing before hand, she just picks
up her scissors and starts to cut. Spirals, wiggly snakes, stars and curvy
women are all parts of a greater iconic image. She explores topics of
women, nature and dance through color, pattern, reflection, and
The symbolism in her work picks up on themes of healing, women
empowerment, and changing times on the planet. Original work and
prints of her work are in many private collections across the country.
Her graphic work has appeared in Luna Calendar, Spirit of Change
Magazine and other publications including Crone Chronicles and Gnosis.
Cathy Weaver Taylor is also a fine photographer. Her flower shots are
luminous and the spider webs glisten with light. The shadow portraits
are reminders of the collage cut outs exploring negative space of light
and shadow.
She also works with recycled materials. Colorful mesh bags formerly
holding onions and potatoes become spider woman webs. Another
format of her work is turning watercolors into luminous slides and then
layering them for a dream like image.