Halie Smith


Halie enjoys a variety of media from oil painting to sculpture, to large charcoal drawings. Her works are dominated by large scale paintings and murals but she also enjoys small landscapes, portraits, paintings of animals, and sculptures. She is inspired mainly by the colors found in nature and the shadows cast by the sun during different times of day. She has always loved to create with her hands and is always looking for a new medium to conquer. On her own time she loves to challenge herself by creating pieces out of found materials; this way she has more opportunities built up for more unconventional technical skills. Personally, Halie is inspired by the raw beauty she finds in her family, friendships, and animals at home or at the barn. These subtle encounters drive her passion to capture these moments in her paintings. Halie’s art practice has become an outlet for her to show the world what she finds beautiful and inspirational, without the use of words. In the future she want to share her passions by inspiring people that art can be a powerful form of communication.