Piya Samant


Artist Bio
Born and raised in India, Piya Samant now lives and paints in the awe-inspiring New England region, USA. After pursuing a career in Technology, she picked up the brush again in 2014 and commenced her full-time art practice.

Piya’s paintings are characterized by colorful, light-filled canvases in a painterly style. Her work is exhibited in museums and galleries across USA. As a self-taught artist, Piya has learned art techniques by observing artworks of Master artists. She is represented by PXPContemporary and ArtsPlus galleries.

In 2022, Piya received a WCC/ Mass Cultural State grant to further her painting endeavors.

Instagram: https://instagram.com/art.by.piyali
Website: https://www.artbypiyali.com/
Email: piyali20@gmail.com


Artist Statement
Painting is my favorite way to tell a story. In the serene sternness of mountains, the rapid thrust of waterfalls, and vastness of oceans, I see the timeless mystique of permanence and fragility. Ever changing New England seasons inspire me to capture universal hope and fleeting moments of Earth’s diverse landscape.