Irena Russell

painting, mixed media

Having been a high school art teacher, I’ve experimented with all types of art. Today I create in oils, acrylics, watercolor and mixed media.  From dreamlike subjects to realistic subject matter, I believe that variety in my art endeavors keep my work fresh and fun. Art is so broad and expansive; so many possibilities and directions to take an idea.

Art therapy has been an important aspect for me as well.  Sometimes your hand will draw what you are feeling but not able to verbally express.  What’s in your heart can show up on your canvas and lead to genuine expression.  For me, painting intuitively creates surprises every day.

Although I love painting portraits and flowers, most recently I have been painting abstract landscapes. Learning and tackling new subject matter, solving problems on canvas and paper is my joy.

Over the years I have taught art in schools, museums and privately and have exhibited in museums, colleges, galleries, art fairs and local establishments.

Instagram: @irenarussellart