Cesar Rodrigues


Through the lens of the ever-interpretive abstract, Cesar Rodrigues’ work invites viewers to see from a different angle each time, evoking a variety of sights, sounds, emotions, and memories for each person. In taking on the viewpoint of a satellite, the paintings depict undiscovered lands or planets, underscoring the elements of freedom in choice and roads taken. The bold colors bleeding onto the canvas may invoke complexity, or simplicity and clarity through the explosion of breaking through. They take your mind in many directions, leaving the door open for conversation.

As a child, Rodrigues was diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy. In and out of hospitals, he found artistic passion in a sterile environment when he was given crayons. He painted with brushes and pencils at first, but after losing strength in one hand, the process changed to pouring paint and using gravity and tilting to spread it on canvas. Now unable to use either hand, Rodrigues created a painting box powered by Bluetooth technology, through which he pours paint from a cup attached to a linear actuator. His work has been seen at Dzian Gallery and ArtsWorcester.