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Aferenni Richardson

mixed media

Greetings, my name is Aferenni Richardson and my art is collective in style and nature.  I create art in different mediums and variations. I prefer to create art that focuses on the different natures and plights of the Homo sapien. These natures include the lighter and darker side of human dispositions. The perspectives that one creates, displays, and shows in my art are from the real world,  alternate world existence to societal Homo sapien consciences, imaginations,  variations,  and complexities.

The works provided in this picture is titled Laughing Chick ©2023 . This work of art displays the different ways that a smile or a laugh can be viewed by the observer and the darkness or pain that can be inside of a persons smile. 

One of the goals that I have for my art is to provide a human expression experience for all that have a chance to view my original works of art. I want people to enjoy the work and be able to have dialogue about what each of my works of art means to them. 
I am an undergraduate student that is studying in the fields of Anthropology, Earth Sciences, and Law. One of my educational goals is to obtain a JD and practice Intellectual Property Law.