Jane Henry Parsons


My entire life has always included creation in some form. I feel fortunate to be able to express myself through Art. From a very early age, Oil Paints intrigued me. I love everything about them. The richness of color, the smooth texture, the smell and the way you have to be patient in order to work with them. Over the past 20 years, I have explored and focused on expressing my vision through Oils. I primarily use a palette knife allowing many layers of paint to build and enjoy working with the emotive quality that color can convey within a painting. Recently I have begun exploring the addition of cold wax to the oils and am loving the textural nature of this. I don’t want you to simply see something when viewing my paintings as much as feel something. The beauty of an object or place, the surreal nature of the unknown, shape and color relationships, stretching boundaries of composition and perspective are all important to me, but what is felt when viewing a painting is what drives my vision.