Victor Pacheco

mixed media, sculpture

Victor Pacheco received his MFA from Rhode Island School of Design. Teaching has been a vehicle for practicing inquiry and for understanding the relationship between art and society. His experiences range from traditional bronze casting to programming microcontrollers to create kinetic interactive installations.  Most of Pacheco’s work is inspired by research in environmental, social and economic practices. Methods of research include: archival data, informal interviewing and observation. The research is organized, triangulated and translated into a 3-dimensional rendering of the selected issue. His commitment to youth and art in his community have granted him several awards, including a Citation from the City of Hartford, Connecticut, a Fellowship from the Connecticut Commission on the Arts and Tourism, The Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture Fellowship and the Oxford Gallery Award in Rochester, New York. Victor was recently awarded Best in Show at the 15th ArtsWorcester Biennial. He is currently living in Worcester, Massachusetts where his studio is located.