Kate Morgan

mixed media

In 2011 I went to an art therapy group for women with PTSD at McLean Hospital in Bedford, MA.  I have developmental PTSD from childhood abuse.  Several art mediums were set in front of us and we were asked to express an emotion. I grabbed some pastels and for the first time I expressed myself through art. It was and is the best medicine I have found.  I am an accidental artist just trying to get through life.  The actuality that my art is valued and appreciated is a boon and something I am grateful for.

I am a mixed media collage artist living rurally in Douglas Massachusetts. I work from my home studio.  I am bound to no medium, but I gravitate towards collage and acrylics in most of my pieces. My subject matter is women’s figurative collage painting.  I love to create generous texture in my work.  I achieve that by creating layers of Venetian plaster, modeling pastes, crackle medium, glazes, photography, natural fiber papers, and more.  I am fond of traditional hand-screened Japanese washi paper and use it in most of my pieces.  I write thoughts, poems, and lyrics in most backgrounds that are sometimes legible or you get a glimpse of through the layers.  I am highly influenced by music and the many books I’ve read.  I love fantasy fiction as an escape in today’s world and also as a source for my imagination.

My work is self-therapeutic and expressionistic at its core. My work tells stories of my past, present, and what I hope for.  They represent what I dream things should be and outlet emotional and spiritual themes I am working through. Faith in the Divine and the Unseen is a continual thread for all my inspiration. I am passionate about finding light in the darkness and I hope that peeks through in my art.

My paintings are now owned across the world and have been on the cover of  Somerset Studio Magazine  &  Juniper Rag. 

I am a member here and with the Cambridge Art Association.  I have exhibited locally in Massachusetts at Arts Worcester, Sprinkler Factory, The White Room and JMAC in Worcester and at Davallia Gallery in Vermont.

Throughout my career, I’ve been passionate about sharing art through in-person workshops and several online courses.  My classes all have an emphasis on mental health awareness and the power of art medicinally for the mind, body, and soul.