Kat Masella

mixed media, painting

Kat earned a graduate certificate in Visual Arts from Harvard University; still, she continues her life-long art studies. After a brain trauma in 2019, her work became more abstract and intuitive.

In her current work, she honors and empathizes with the human experience, the fragility of life, and the love which can prevail.

Sketches both from observations and memory inform her compositions. Working passionately with layers of mixed media, including oil, wax, and marble dust; Kat frequently assesses and analyzes whether the paintings exude essential life energy while maintaining unity. She believes strongly in the necessity of utilizing passion, emotion and intellect to realize her intentions of creating works of meaning. Kat says of her work, ‘If I can provide even the slightest bit of wonder and joy through my paintings, then my mission is in part accomplished.’