Philip Marshall

sculpture, painting, drawing

The highly specialized, results-oriented, nature of British education in the sixties limited Philip’s formal art education due to his abilities in mathematics. However, he was still able, painting mostly in oil, to explore how composition can provide the dimension of time to two-dimensional art, and the use of color as the major element of composition; and to generate occasional income from selling paintings and interior murals on commission to private clients.

He left a busy career of forty years ranging from logic design to international business, in order to return his focus to his visual art left dormant since his undergraduate work. Currently he is exploring the potential of new media and three-dimensional forms of expression, particularly on a larger scale, as he establishes a new portfolio. He continues to experiment with methods of expressing the element of time in both two and three-dimensional work, and to explore the relationship between either humans and nature, or the individual and society. He is particularly interested, and having success, in creating work for public spaces, and experimenting with different materials and techniques. His varied life experiences, extensive world travel, and the people he has encountered, provide a rich source of material.