Cedric Marsh


Cedric Marsh (Zizin) is an oil painter from Princeton Massachusetts who takes inspiration from childhood memories, dreams, current moods, and genre scenes. Many of his piece’s present social inequalities as well as the commentaries of a struggling planet. He uses a multitude of techniques ranging including impasto, alla prima and glazing to create atmospheric images with dreamlike qualities. World renowned critics such as his mother and grandmother claim that he is the next great contemporary artist, meeting the ranks of Homer, Manet and Gaugin. When Zizin is not procrastinating on his works of art, he is teaching elementary art at the Quabbin Regional School District. He studied visual art at Framingham State University, under some of the most talented and creative teachers of all time. In his free time, Zizin enjoys snowboarding, swimming, collecting obscure music, and watching Miyazaki movies.