Mark Lore


My career as a professional artist and fine arts educator has been the primary focus of my life for almost 30 years. As a contemporary landscape painter, my work is a conscious play of mood, light and color, but as a native New Englander, raised and rooted in the diverse landscapes of the area, a painting means more. Each location is an encounter with the land, the trees, the water and the atmosphere, that have always given me a sense of connection and order. When a location intrigues and inspires me, I will paint the scene into a series using a range of themes, experimenting and searching to learn more about the natural threads that tie the landscape together with complexity, subtlety and more importantly-balance. I am always searching for new ways to express spatial relationships and perspectives with textured layers of paint, brushwork, gradations, and diffusions of light. My study of the landscape will hopefully bring me closer to an honest translation of both spirit and land, as I push color and value into new compositions and continue a lifelong effort to communicate the emotional/spiritual connection I feel with my environment. In the last 5 years I have returned to more recognizable atmospheric landscapes, with a bold, tactile and colorful palette,with strong influences by Wolf Kahn, Ken Elliot, and Brian Rutenberg. I have recently retired as a Fine Arts Educator and now work from my studio/gallery at School Street Art Studios in Gardner, MA located at 205 School Street Studio J.