Anita Loomis


Nothing feels more natural to me than painting. I enjoy getting lost in the surface of the paper or canvas with my brushes and paint.  I do try to work through themes in pairs or sets of paintings. Communication is a common theme in many of my works.  There is an inherent playful quality in many pieces, and a strong graphic and architectural feel to the paintings. My background in architectural stained glass is apparent in my work. Likewise, line quality and transparency are important components in my compositions.  At this stage of maturity, I feel confident in my work and enthusiastic about creating more. In my former work in the architectural glass field, I was involved in the design and development of environmental art for worship, educational and healing spaces.  I learned important lessons about the multi-faceted value and significance of art in our environments and the integral role it plays in shaping our living, work and educational spaces.  I feel that art is a worthy endeavor, and the artist offers society a valuable service in focusing public or personal awareness on issues of the human condition that could use some thoughtful attention while improving our quality of our lives.