Ted Lilley

mixed media, painting and sculpture

Nature, and the physical and microscopic world inspire me. After a career as a professor of materials science and an industrial researcher, I am now experimenting with materials and art. This includes working with glass, plastics, foams, marble, paper and wood, trying to use my technical knowledge. I am drawn to light, its reflection and refraction. How it falls on and interacts with different surfaces, e.g. in sculpture, glass or painting.

I am intrigued by geometry and patterns, sometimes reminiscent of crystallography. The results range from simplicity to complexity, order to chaos, but I am always seeking beauty.

Finally, I am a member of a collective, which has organized two shows at the Sprinkler Factory Building. My work is also shown at ArtsWorcester, Gallery263 in Cambridge, and at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Northboro, MA.