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LeMaitre, Michele

Michele LeMaitre, (American, b. 1963), a multi disciplinary, award winning artist is known for her newly invented process and style of 2D Interactive Sculptural Mixed Media, which represent chunks of water that have seemingly been scooped out of the Ocean, pools or lakes and splashed onto the walls, in a controlled but fluid form. The bold surface colors change with the movement of the viewer’s body. 


Michele invites the viewer to interactively “swim” around the works of art, as if being immersed in water, to experience the changing colors which represent the water’s reflective surface and depths. Through body movement and thoughtful reflection, the viewer is invited to connect with this each art piece and from there, be more consciously aware of how their body interacts with and feels, on an emotional, visceral, cellular and spiritual level, while being in, on, under or around any body of water.  


Michele attended the Université Côte d’Azur for Arts and French Language, Mount Ida College, as well as an independent study at UNLV. She is also a NFT Digital artist and an Award Winning Fine Art Photographer. Michele is a member of The American Society of Marine Artists, The Other Art Fair Dallas / Saatchi, The Artists Association of Nantucket and Arts Foundation of Cape Cod. 


Her work is in private collections worldwide and can be seen in exhibitions and publications in the USA and Europe. She was awarded The Denis Diderot [A-i-R] Grant while attending Chateau Orquevaux’s residency in Orquevaux, France. A piece titled “A Little Chunk Of Ocean” is now in the permanent collection of Chateau Orquevaux, to be placed in their upcoming Museum. 


When not working in her studio, Michele can be found happily in, under, on or around water whenever possible.