John LaPrade


I am an established artist who lives and works in Worcester, MA. I am presently represented by McGowan Fine Art in Concord, NH. I have been awarded seven local lottery grants all for various series of work. I usually limit a series of work to about 100 plus pieces. Some of these series include; Postage Stamp Series, Desktop Series, Tender Button Series, Small Cemetery Series. I was recently awarded monies to continue with my Pearl Series and my Postage Stamp Series. In 2008, I was named a Fellow by the City for artistic excellence. I have also exhibited my work in Sapporo, Japan. I have studied under the watchful eye of Sally Bishop and Sue Swinand. I work on my art on a daily basis. One must avail themselves to that which they love. A fish swims, a painter paints. You can view my work at my Flickr site (below) or at McGowan Fine Art, Concord, NH.