David King


I’ve been drawing since I can remember. At a young age, it seemed to be my own escape from reality, where I could create worlds/characters. I became drawn towards the dark side of things and began to express this through my drawings. I’m also very capable of creating scenes of light that may manifest more of a positive effect on others, but I think it’s important to find beauty in both. A lot of my ideas are original, while I do sometimes reference to other art and photography. I could consider myself mostly self-taught, but I’ve always stayed inspired and have spent a lot of time studying other’s work. A huge turning point in my art was about 3 years ago, when I started painting using acrylics. Then one day I moved onto oils and I purchased an oil painting kit from Kit King through Trekell art supplies. 1 out of 100 kits had a golden paintbrush in it, which I had received and won an original from her. There was this amazing flow of energy that came into my life around that time. I now only use oils and am continuing to push to further improve.


IG: davidkingart