jdBouchArt is a play on my name Jeremy David Bouchard. Growing up, I never felt artistic and gravitated towards the sciences, eventually attending Northeastern University and obtaining my B.S. in Biology in 2008. After school I went into my current field of neurophysiology for a company based in MD. As Neurophysiologists monitor the brain, spinal cord, or anything else directly/indirectly at risk during surgery. We do this by running an array of evoked potentials that tell us things like: Can the patient walk when they wake up? Can they feel, is their sensation intact? This is important because if we can tell the surgeon in real-time so there is a chance to fix this injury, if the surgeon is unaware and the injury is left as is until the patient wakes up, it is often too late to fix.

I fell into art at the end of 2017. I was on a date with an old boyfriend and he wanted to paint. GREAT I thought, WTF do I paint? Then to top this off he says, “Let’s paint with our penises” and my heart DROPPED. But I went with it, I have a weakness for cuties, and I am so happy I did. It opened a door I never knew existed and from that point on I decided I had to stop limiting myself to so many things like I had done with art.