Jack Keough

painting, sculpture

Douglas, MA. Artist Jack Keough is an internationally acclaimed, classically trained oil painter with a BFA from Mass College of Art who has been working in oil pastels for the past several years now. Eliminating the drying times of traditional oils (his first love) has allowed him to be quite prolific and subsequently very diverse in his many series’ and subjects. While primarily considered a superior portrait painter, his works include rock and sports stars, dancers, found object still life, figurative, foliage and other landscapes and cityscapes as well. He brings a strong contemporary color pallet into his pieces while often depicting traditional themes in a very contemporary realistic manor. He will frequently work in an abstracted background into the paintings to provide depth of space while not stealing your attention away from the primary object with surrounding “clutter details”.

His catalogue includes many series including “Body Landscape Series” of carefully composed details of the human figure. Jack has a series called “Lip Service” featuring just close ups of women’s lips and all they have to say by themselves. He adds annually to his “Foliage Collection Series” and did a series geared to an increase in a livable wage depicting “images of the tools of hard work that pays crappy wages, without showing a single person so it’s not an issue of a single ethnicity”. That series called “WORK SERIES PAINTINGS I-XV” was shown on one man shows on Boston’s City Hall Plaza and on the Washington Mall in DC the following month in 2015.