Wilson Hunt

painting, photography

My art I describe as being abstract. It is non-representational and comes out of my imagination. There are many analogues to music in my process. I have listened to much modern jazz in my life, and my work mirrors the improvisation in jazz. Each painting is an experiment and an improvisation in much the same way as are improvisations by Miles Davis or John Coltrane. Repeated colors offer a way to produce counterpoint and to build up a dynamic structure on the page. I am enamored of color and it is extremely important in my work.

My work has an organic look, which comes from an appreciation of the sometimes chaotic beauty of nature. Many works resemble landscapes with a sky and a ground. As well as nature, I have been influenced by the history of painting in the 20th century. Abstract expressionist painters like de Kooning or color painters like Wolf Kahn are inspirational.