Kira Houston

drawing, painting, illustration, digital art, watercolor, portraiture

Kira Houston is a student at Clark University triple majoring in History, Art History, and Spanish. He works for the Safe Schools council for LGBTQ+ youth as a transgender advocate and participates in a number of research projects related to LGBTQ+ health. In his free time (in addition to writing, singing, and acting) he creates digital & traditional character illustrations. His area of historical expertise is in Italian Renaissance art, but his own pieces are primarily inspired by art nouveau, contemporary cartoon, and anime. He is completely self-taught, but hopes to finally take formal art classes in college.

Kira creates artwork with LGBTQ+ themes, highlighting the relationship between whimsical fantasies and Queer realities. He enjoys portraiture more than any other sort of painting, and he loves to create characters from his imagination. His dream is to one day create a sprawling epic of a graphic novel inspired by The Aeneid but set in space.