Robert Houghton


I have been taking photographs for over 40 years, one of my main passions and avocations. Only in 2012, after a thirty-three year career as an educator and school administrator, did I begin to exhibit and sell my photographs to the public. Currently, my work is primarily focused on images of nature and abstract compositions of natural & man-made objects. While my artistic focus has continually evolved and will undoubtedly change over time to reflect different ideologies and current issues, at present, I have chosen to render and share images that are examples of the beauty and mystery that surrounds us everyday.

Having trained on a large format view camera in the 1970’s where each photograph takes 10 minutes or more to compose and shoot, I learned to slow down, look carefully, and pay attention. This photographic process taught me to carefully observe and then photograph the complexity of nature and everyday objects and capture the subtleties of shape, color, shadows and light and other intriguing visual features, that might otherwise be overlooked.

These days I work primarily with Nikon and Sony digital cameras. All my prints are archival pigment prints printed on various archival, fine arts papers and on Epson photo printers.