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George Hancin

painting, drawing

For many years I have been concentrating on urban, suburban, and rural landscape painting. I have been exploring how light, shadow, time, and seasons describe a place and set mood. I am interested in how architecture, cars, and street signs interact with the natural environment. I am fascinated with commonplace neighborhoods and the subtle strangeness they can evoke. I try look at these normal places in a fresh and innocent manner.  I’ll notice the way light cascades across a lawn, the shape of a shadow, the color on the back of a mailbox. It’s these moments I try to capture in my paintings.

I completed an Art Ed degree at Kent State in the 70s, a painting degree at the Museum School, and a Masters at Yale in the 80s. Throughout the 90s I was a member  of the Bromfield Gallery and had several solo shows there. I was in group shows at Georgia Tech, the Amos Enos Gallery, the Southboro Art Center, Montserrat, the Aurora Gallery, and the Sprinkler Factory. I have also been a high school art teacher and continuing ed painting instructor for many years.