Gennaro Varriale Gonzalez

illustration, drawing, painting

Gennaro Varriale Gonzalez is an Italian artist that, upon attaining the Master in Graphic Design at the Academy of Fine Art of his city, Naples, decided to move in Puerto Rico, then, in the Usa. In Usa, Gennaro obtained the license to teach visual arts for the public schools of Massachusetts. Working as a teacher gives him the opportunity to share his love for traditional art and its applications to deliver messages of peace and integration to students. For the city of Worcester, he designed posters for three editions of Latino Film Festival held at Clark University. Moreover, for events and social projects, Gennaro draws caricatures and portraits. He also designs covers for Marco Peluso, Italian author of books and narratives. Gennaro’s favorite media are pencils and watercolor which he loves to master as much as possible over time. Gennaro is influenced by movies, cartoons, comics, paintings, and illustrations.