Pamela Gemme

painting, mixed media

Pamela Gemme is a poet, visual artist with a particular interest in abstract and non-representational art. Her works are interpretive visualizations brought to paper and colored by her senses and feelings with oil pastels, oil paints, textiles and found materials. Her intent is for viewers to create an association, and an interpretation of her work that trigger their own personal narratives.

Pamela is an Asemic Writer, a writing that develops into art or vice versa with movement that depicts writing-like markings on paper or canvas embracing the mystery between the quietness of space and what is yet to be spoken. This artform inhabits an essential space of expression, the need to depict what is yet fully denotational. What is represented are the feelings or ideas that the word, or markings, suggests, to the artist, and to the viewer. Pamela studies at Mass College of Art.

Pamela has been a social justice advocate and a political activist through-out her life. Pamela is the co-editor of Essential Anthology forthcoming 2022, Borderless Books West Virginia University. She has recent or forthcoming publications in many journals and anthologies and is working on two poetry manuscripts and an Asemic writing manuscript.