Sara Deponte


A graduate of Parson’s School of design, NYC, Sara’s art is found in galleries as well as private collections. Sara has been involved in the commercial art field as art director, designer and illustrator for over twenty-five years. Then, along with life partner and artist Fabio, opened White Pickets Studio in Petersham, MA. And for the past twenty years she has concentrated on her fine art. Sara is one of a family of artists, husband Fabio, son Matthew and daughter Nicole. “The relationship I have with watercolor is filled with surprises. I am forever rediscovering the delight of this medium. When to harness its independence and when to give it freedom. Exploring and interpreting with careful observation and a brush: the beauty of flowers; the grace and power of horses; the special look in the eye; unique shapes and the variety of color within color.” Capturing the personality of each equine subject comes from the firsthand knowledge of owning her own horses. “Combining color with the drama of shadows and light in the everyday world intrigues me. To play with this relationship and explore its possibilities are a never-ending source of delight ….and I’m just getting started.”