Mauro DePasquale

mixed media, digital art, printmaking, works on paper

Mauro DePasquale holds an MBA in Marketing Ethics. His undergraduate degrees are in Graphic Design, Art and Business. Mauro has over a decade of experience working as a freelance multimedia artist. He specializes in graphic design, creative writing, social marketing, audio and video production, and music performance. He has self-published many works, ranging from children’s books to poetry and short stories. Mauro has also written several articles and essays and is currently constructing a college course titled “Art for Social Change: The Role of Art in Social Movements.”

Mauro is influenced by Erik Brunetti, Ron English, David Dees, Barbara Krueger, and Kalle Lasn, creator of Adbusters magazine. He also draws inspiration from the Situationist Movement, which involved the subtle changing or re-appropriating various pop-culture themes and icons, as well as anti-government campaigns. Likewise, Mauro seeks to remove pedestrians from their predictable paths and jolt them into a new awareness of the urban landscape.

“I believe that all good art makes the viewer stop and notice something that is usually taken for granted. In this way, designers have the responsibility and the means to transform ideas into tangible change in the communities they serve.”