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Adam Cutler

digital art, drawing

Maine-born commercial artist Adam Cutler is a designer and illustrator with over a decade of experience including branding, print, packaging, illustration, web, and mobile projects for teams and clients, ranging from bands and startups to large corporations. His passion for art began at a young age, with aspirations to work as a comic book illustrator. As his interest moved toward playing guitar in a band, so his artistic path shifted in the direction of graphic design for the music industry. This sparked a newfound love for art in a commercial sense, and ultimately inspired him to seek an education in design. Before completing his degree at the New England Institute of Art in 2007, he found himself operating beyond just the music industry to work with clients and employers in more varieties of business than he ever could have imagined. To this day, he remains excited and hungry for the challenge of providing unique and effective design solutions for the consistently evolving professional landscape, while continuing to devote just as much time and heart to his growing personal artistic career. Adam currently works out of his home studio in Paxton, Massachusetts.