Christopher Cothern

painting, digital art

My Name is Chris Cothern, I am a student currently at Becker College studying Interactive Media and Design. My main medium used to be oil paints, though I have been making a transition to digital focused work, both two-dimensional and three-dimensional so that I can be more consistent in my Major at school. I still work in oils from time to time, I cannot say that it is my focus anymore, however I still happily work in it. I hope I can expand my reach of mediums at some point, as there are many different techniques I wish to try.

I first began with oils around the age of seven, where I learned in a small family-run art school called Acorn Gallery in Marblehead Massachusetts. My eleven years I spent there learning were some of the greatest in my life so far, and I believe will still continue to be some of the greatest. What I learned there has allowed me to come as far as I have in my art and in my life and I am very grateful to them for that.