Barry Connolly

painting, sculpture

Barry Connolly is a Worcester native. The third of eight children, Connolly found space for himself in a crowded household by drawing. He discovered painting at age eighteen, while completing classes at Worcester Art Museum. From 1991 to 1993, he co-operated Parabelleza Gallery on Prescott Street, a venue which showcased local artists. From 1997 to 2000, he lived in New York City and exhibited his work throughout Manhattan. Most recently, his painting has evolved into sculptural work.

The composition of Abstract Expressionist art is based on Cubism, and like all modern painting, represents a construct on a two-dimensional framework. Connolly’s work advances toward deconstructing the framework and is three-dimensional. Without leading the viewer on a set path of experience, he uses the language of aesthetics to discover and convey how consciousness is perceived. The natural qualities of oil paint express the spontaneity that mirrors all original things through color and texture. There is a fundamental creative energy present at the most minute level in our universe and Connolly attempts to tap into it, as the emergence of modern questions requires new answers. When he paints, he seeks those answers, to share with the world.