Olivia Christy

paper collage

Ever since I was young I felt the need to create and express myself in a visual way. When I was a child I grew up loving the outdoors, I would constantly be outside rummaging around my back yard looking for things like rocks, stick and leafs. However these things were not my own until I painted or drew on them with bright vibrant colors.
Throughout my younger years my artistic self-expression consisted of coloring or painting mundane everyday objects and turning them into something beautifully unique. Then I reached my adult years and my artistic self-expression became something so much more directed and meaningful but never lost my flair for loud, exaggerated color.
My intention with the art I create is to not only push materials such as colored paper and adhesive to their absolute limit, but I also intend for my art to evoke emotion in my audience. By pairing exaggeration emotions along with colors to enhance those emotions I feel it better increases my audience’s reaction to my portraits. When people look at my art I want them to see and feel what I feel, which is why I find art is the best way of accurately expressing myself.