Doug Caves


These days I’m interested in exploring how to reveal the personal experience of magic that I feel of a given place in a given moment through the act of landscape painting.  I have been a lifelong fan of outdoor excursions into the fields, woods, hills and the varied coastal shores of New England, and more recently places like the Florida Keys and the Arizona desert. These journeys provide me with freshly illuminating spiritual and physical insights that leap beyond the simple joy of being in the place at the present moment. I mindfully include the very physical act of applying a paint-loaded brush to a surface with intent.  These days, the marriage of this venue with my intentions as an artist satisfies my passions into a fruitful period of productivity and growth. I want to share this vision of how I see the world, romantic and stark, dark and light, giving and taking, all in a constant beautiful dance of change and shifting balance, but always “in natural balance.”