Heather Cassano

documentary film and media

Heather Cassano is a documentary film and media artist working at the intersection of observational and poetic documentary. Her work often frames narratives through her personal experiences, exploring the idea of “otherness” as it relates to mental health, disability, and established social norms. She has presented work in the form of documentary films, multi-channel video installations, and still photography. 

Heather’s first feature documentary THE LIMITS OF MY WORLD (2018) screened at numerous film festivals in the U.S. and internationally, winning three Best Documentary Awards and a Jury Prize.  Heather is currently working on her second feature-length documentary THE FATE OF HUMAN BEINGS, which has received support from UnionDocs, Massachusetts Humanities, the LEF Foundation, and the Center for Independent Documentary, among others.

Heather has received recognition for her work through the UConn Humanities Institute Faculty Fellowship, MASS MoCA’s Assets for Artists Program, and the Emerging Documentarian Award from her alma mater Elon University. She is also an Assistant Professor of film/video at the University of Connecticut. 

Website: https://www.spinonefilms.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hcassano/