Matthew J. Burgos

drawing, colored pencil, pastel, paper, ink, markers, mixed canvas, photography

Hi, welcome to Inkblots and Snapshots, a showcase of fine art and photography by Matthew J. Burgos.

Who is this guy? He is a slow producing, but getting better about it, artist. Currently focusing on fields of photography and drawing craft, photography for trade and fine art for passion.

He was born abroad, raised in Massachusetts, educated in Arizona, and then returned and is now based out of Worcester, Massachusetts.

After much experimentation his preference has shifted to colored pencil, pastels, and other drawing mediums. A learned respect for critical thinking and creativity is currently developing into an interesting artistic style with themes of social interaction and human nature blended with abstract elements. Other pieces however, are pure feats of technical skill.

His enjoyment of the methodicalness of the camera has also led to a productive form of art and trade in photography.

A few of his influences would be Michael Crichton (novelist), Gene Roddenberry (television), Ray Bradbury (novelist), and Shigeru Miyamoto (video game developer), just to name a few of many.

At this point its understandable if your ‘jaw is dropped’ or have been ‘floored’. Mathew is a pretty swell guy after all. If you would like to contact him use; email-

instagram – Inkblotsandsnapshots

facebook – Inkblotsandsnapshots or Matthew Burgos