Dan Brenton

painting, drawing

Dan Brenton had a quiet suburban upbringing in Stoneham, Massachusetts.  At a young age he began to walk along the path of the artist from drawing as a boy to exploring photography in high school and finally graduating with a BA with a concentration in printmaking from Salem State University in 2012.  After college, Dan set out to travel across the country on his bicycle, documenting the experience through journaling and photographs, finally deciding to come home after seven months to pick up the paintbrush and make work based on the powerful interaction he had with mother nature from the seat of his bicycle.

“A journey begins with a conscious decision to stray from the path that we tread every day, a willingness to encounter the unknown and allow it to guide us in hopes of discovering a better understanding of life and ourselves.  I once felt trapped by the decisions I had made and in trying to work my way out, everything changed.  Life seemed to unfold before me in ways I had never experienced or imagined possible and I portray the feeling of liberation and continuous mystery of life in my art.”